Friday, September 21, 2007

Half-Time Show

20 weeks -- the good old halfway mark

And since this picture is as serious as the grave, here's an outtake . . .

(I myself enjoy the prominently featured toilet paper roll to the right of my growing belly. Three guesses which room I was in . . .)


  1. I prefer the outtake!

  2. Umm... the only room with a big enough mirror to take a self portrait? Maybe you should ask Santa for a full length mirror for Christmas. It's a great distraction for little ones. Yeah, that's it! That's the excuse.

    You're looking round in the middle my dear, just how you should be right now. Oh, how jealous I am! Yet so excited for you and your fam.

  3. Anonymous9:35 AM

    You look great!
    Mirabella Mom

  4. yay for pregnant bellies!!
    Looking awesome, Aim!

  5. Lovely! So you can feel movement and stuff now, huh? I can't wait to feel those first definite kicks. It is my favorite part for sure.

  6. Look how cute you look!! I like the outtake too :)

  7. Amy Michelle9:42 AM

    I'm so jealous!!! I'm only two weeks behind you, and I'm still in that "Are you pregnant, or just pudgy?" stage. I can't fit in any of my pants, but maternity clothes aren't working yet. Sigh.

  8. hello lovely friend! you look great! hope you're feeling ok too.
    so excited for you.

  9. i love your hair!

    this reminds me of the video we took in my downstairs bathroom- the same day we taped the "parody" of the little red riding hare skit (which i have been thinking about lately!)

    miss ya!

  10. Love it! You look great!

  11. I get to see a picture of you at last! You're beautiful. How do you get your hair to look so cute while pregnant?


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