Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's my inaugural Works-for-Me Wednesday, so I thought I would try to think of my best tip. However, my brain keeps shrinking about three sizes with each child, so I'm now dealing with a brain roughly the size of a walnut. I don't retain much anymore, my friends.

However, not all is lost. Rob and I recently painted our powder room, and while we were arguing over deciding who would do the cutting-in and who would do the rolling, I realized that I was staring a great WFMW tip in the face.

Because we have painted many rooms in our house, and because we have done most of this painting with small children underfoot, we usually need to keep the paint and its paraphernalia up on the counter or a table. You can see how this might go terribly awry.

To keep my table/counters free from paint drips and splatters, I discovered the usefulness of one of those long, low, plastic, under-the-bed storage containers. In one of these extra large containers, we can fit the paint can, a roller tray, brushes, rollers, rags, tape, etc . . . It is the perfect height to contain all of the drips and splatters, while still being low enough to easily reach the supplies. It is also portable, which can be handy when we need to paint upstairs or in small rooms.

When we are done, we can store all of the extra supplies/cleaned brushes inside of the container, pop the lid on top, and keep it in the storage room until the next time we need it. It helps keep all the supplies in one place, which helps when there is a long hiatus between painting jags. Simple tip, but it works for me!


  1. I was so excited to see that you did a WFMW then blogger went down this morning and I couldn't get here.

    But it was worth the wait. This is a great tip. We used the storage container during painting before but I didn't think to keep everything in there when we were done. Silly me.

  2. Where were you when I asked TheDad to paint the bathroom for me for Mother's Day? This is a FABULOUS tip! I'll save it until our next painting extravaganza :)

  3. Welcome to WFMW. That's a great solution to your painting situation (kids underfoot). I'm afraid I let my hubby do both the cutting in and rolling!!

  4. I bow to your brilliance, my friend.

    And welcome to WFMW!

  5. Girlfriend, what a great idea! Now I just need an "under bed" to store it in. Ours sits right on the floor, as does the kids.

    Welcome to WFMW! You always knew that you were the queen of useless trivia for something, right? Me too.

  6. That's a great tip!


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