Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Horse Sense

Older Girl: Mom, I've been reading this horse book from the library and I think my first horse should be a gelding. The book says that they are gentler and calmer.

Me: Really.

Older Girl: Yeah, I think a stallion would be too spirited for a new rider and this book says that mares get grumpy in heat.

Me: No doubt.

Older Girl: But I think that might not be true for all mares. Dakota, my mare at horse camp, was very calm and it was super hot that week. But maybe the riding arena was air-conditioned, so she didn't feel it as much.

Me: Mmph . . . yeah, maybe.


  1. Yeah, that's the kind of conversation OldestGirl has with me, too. She's convinced that we'll move to a property that is large enough for horses and get her one.

    Hope does spring eternal...

  2. ROFL!!! Are you going to clue her in about, um, heat? Or does Dad get to do that job, as the medical one in the house?

  3. Oh, I like Barb's idea. Let Dad handle those conversations since he's the professional in that area. :)

    But wait a little while. Let her remain in blissful innocence as long as you can.

  4. Oh, we both plan on leaving her completely in the dark until she is safely ensconced in the convent :)

  5. LOL, i LOVE it!
    That's one thing abou youngins that never gets old - the literal interpretation of terms we take for granted.


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