Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rock Me Like A Hurricane!

Oooohhhh, yeah! It's on, my friends! I have officially been named as a Rockin' Blogger Girl, courtesy of my friend Meg, who is as rockin' as they come. (Thanks, lovey!)

I'm going to be honest and admit that this is one bloggy award that I have always wanted, but thought I was too dorky to get. I'm probably not what people think of when asked to describe rockin'; unless by rockin' you mean an early thirties, stay home mom who makes a lasagna that kicks serious A, lays the hammer down on her mom-mobile, and can get almost any stain out of her family's laundry. Now if that's what you mean by rockin', then I'm your girl. And I should also remind you that I listen to some seriously rockin' and inappropriate music when I am alone in the aforementioned mom-mobile. (Wait, did I just cancel out my rockin' status with the word aforementioned? I take it back!)

Now I get to award some rockin' bloggers of my own, which is harder than I expected since Meg and T already hit most of the girls I was going to pick. But I think I can manage . . .

Amy from RC Mommy is definitely a rockin' chick. She's had my back since college, and hers is the first blog I ever read (way back before I even knew what blogs were). Hopefully this award will get her to post more often - she really has no excuse, you know. You would think she has three small kids, a demanding full-time job, and a house to run. Some people, geesh!

Karen at The Rocking Pony - and no, I did not give her this award because she has "rocking" in her blog title. This award is for someone who is rockin' not rocking. Subtle distinction, I know.

Karen gets this award because her handmade baby items are so darn cool! They are exactly like all of the trendy little things I can find in the super-expensive baby boutique, except without the super-expensive part. Plus, did I mention that they are handmade by a mother of four? I can get on board with that! Go and check out her store.

I'm sure everyone in Blogville already knows this, but I think BooMama rocks. Here's the deal: I used to live in the South, and so when she describes her sassy pants, her love for Steinmart(s), her relatives, her ALL BUTTER pound cake - well, I just relive some mighty happy memories, my friends. I'm glad to be back in the Northeast, but anyone who can make me remember only the good times below the Mason-Dixon line deserves an award. (Case in point: While I am reading BooMama, I never think about the fire ants and palmetto bugs. Not even once. And that is a miracle.)

Sara from The Estrogen Files found my blog, and I am glad she did. She has strong opinions, and she is not shy about defending her position, but she always listens to the (respectfully phrased) views of others, and that is something I admire. Some would even say it is rockin' . . .

So there you have it, my picks for Rockin' Girl Bloggers. Keep on bloggin', ladies!


  1. Thank you!!!
    There's a new post up at my site. :)

  2. You're so sweet. Thank you! (I'm blushing...)


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