Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Corner of Accountability

Since it seems that I only want to hang out in front of the computer instead of, you know, keeping my home and family running smoothly, I've decided to harness the power of the internet for good. To wit: A public list of my private domestic messes (in the hopes that getting to cross them off on the blog will finally get me to do something about them!)

1. The Garage:
  • sort through the junk
  • organize existing shelving
  • set up "mud room" area for shoes/boots/jackets
  • put screen door on the access door into kitchen

2. The Storage Room:

  • go through boxes of "saved" clothes that the children have outgrown already. Ask not for whom the clothes are saved. They are saved for a trip to the consignment store.
  • organize existing shelves
  • consolidate outdoor decorations into one area and LABEL it so that you don't have to dig through seventy boxes before you find the heavy duty outdoor extension cord (not that we've ever experienced this, but it's good to be prepared)
  • put your heart into your screams to show the spiders you mean business

3. The Playroom:

  • sort through toys
  • throw away anything that came with a "meal"
  • give away lots of untouched stuff in good shape
  • get real shelves for the stuff that's left
  • watch kids play with empty boxes and paper towel rolls

4. The Laundry Room:

  • sort through The Leaning Tower of Board Games and part with the ones that are missing more than half of the pieces (Buh-bye, Hi Ho Cherry O, you taunting, cherry spewing mess)
  • put dirty clothes in the empty baskets that are sitting right next to the piles on the floor
  • get shelf for the detergents
  • burn down organize the kids' craft table
  • caress scrapbooking supplies and put them in your "Ten Year Plan" pile

5. The White Cabinet:

  • Just do something, anything, with the piles of cd's in the white cabinet
  • go to Target and get one of those cd books that can hold them all

6. Baby Girl's Closet:

  • It's probably ok to go ahead and donate/lend her 0-3 month clothes to someone seeing how she is roughly the height of a 2 year old now
  • finish hanging the shelves and pictures that you planned for her room - remember? back when you were about 6 months pregnant? Time to get on that.

7. The Boy's Closet:

  • Take advantage of the fact that he is short-legged and a boy, which means that he has nothing of any real substance to hang in his closet - move his dresser into the closet to free up some square footage for a desk
  • Otherwise, this room looks good

8. Your Own Den of Shame Closet:

  • There may be no end to the amount of sorting and reshelving that needs to go on in there.You know what you need to do, so get cracking!
  • That goes double for your dresser

These are the major hot-spots that need immediate attention. I'm sure twenty more Challenges of Organizational Prowess will spring up in their places, but that's for another day and another list. I'm putting a link in the sidebar, just to keep me honest, and I'm counting on you, my lovelies, to hold me to it.


  1. Good luck! I need to do a lot of the same over here.

    Did you get my email about the Ipod?

  2. You can do it!! If I could go through all the stuff we pulled out of our attic, weed out the junk and put it back ORGANIZED and SORTED you can get through this list too. Go, Aimee!!!

  3. I'm doing the same thing in my basement (my personal Den of Shame.) There are even pictures! Check my "fridge" blog.

  4. Looks like a pretty good list you have going! I need to get organized also......BUT here I am! lol

    Good luck!


  5. Who says blogging can't be productive! It helps me stay on top of things, too!

    Good luck! You can do it!

  6. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Good luck- I too must tackle similar areas of our house. We were forced to do the basement and our old "classroom" boxes when it flooded so that kind of got me on the right track. FYI- there is an antique place on 222 where the guy actually has an entire bin of old "meal" toys he is selling (in case you have a lot)- there may be some money in it.
    Good luck again!
    - Mirabella MOM

  7. your list is looking good!


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