Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Inside the Mind of a Seven (and a half!) Year Old

Older Girl has a friend who transferred to a new school at the beginning of this school year, and she misses her very much. They have kept in touch via letters and playdates, and Older Girl is tickled with the "old-fashioned" notion of having a pen-pal. Her letters are some of the best I have ever read because, while they may be random, they are also uncensored, kind, and heartfelt. Sometimes I wonder what is going on in her mind, but these letters give me the luxury of a little glimpse. (And, yes, I have permission to read them. She asks me to put them in the envelope for her since it is verboten for children to handle the office supplies around here. Sounds harsh, but I don't want to have to go back to being a cashier just to keep us in envelopes and scotch tape, my friends.)

Here is the latest letter, which shows that she really does get what Lent and Easter are all about:

Dear H,

About the cursive, a little. Happy Easter! At choir we practiced Holy Week Songs. The one for Good Friday made me cry! Here is part of the song "Were you there when they crucified my Lord?" Sad, right?! But it gets better.

Older Girl

Yes, it surely does get better . . .


  1. So precious! I love these glimpses we get into their minds. I cherish them.

  2. so sweet. and that song makes me cry too!!


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