Monday, February 12, 2007

A Reason

This is why I don't post clear pictures of the kids on this blog.** There are times that I really, really want to because, well, my kids are pretty cool, but I made a No Clear Kid Picture pact with Rob when I began my blogging adventure, with a No Take-Backs clause. The plain truth is that I am not computer-savvy enough to protect their pictures, and I refuse to worry if someone is jacking my pictures for nefarious purposes. Until I get better educated with the computer, this is the way it will be around these parts. (and that is approximately #736 on my list of Things To Do, so I wouldn't hold my breath on that one)

** But I really love to see pictures of your little ones, if that's what you do on your blog. I live vicariously through all you picture-postin' mamas. Does that make me nosy? Probably.


  1. I will not show my kids' faces on the blog. Sometimes I take the same picture--once with their head in it, for family purposes, and one with the head deliberately cut off, for the blog. They actually think it's funny now--"Hey Mom, take a picture of me without my head while I do (name of silly thing they are currently doing)!"

  2. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Do not put any of your pictures on your blog. I don't even like your real names there! I know I worry too much, but I don't want any predator knowing my babies.....


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