Monday, February 12, 2007

The Hills Are Alive!

Is it just me, or is Christopher Plummer totally smokin'*** in The Sound of Music? I have always loved this movie, but when I was little, I loved it for all the songs. I would do-re-mi my parents to insanity when they showed it on television every Easter (I guess nothing says "Easter" like sticking it to the Nazis).

Now I love to watch it for the crackling chemistry between Maria and the Captain (and I still enjoy a movie with a well-placed song or ten). Captain Von Trapp is all smoldering glances and sly smiles; all witty banter laced with a high voltage charge. When he goes to find Maria in the gazebo, after he has told the Baroness to kiss off that it just won't work out for them, you just know there is no way she is going back to that abbey. How can she escape the magnetic pull of his glittering eyes?

Can you tell that I've rediscovered our dvd and I've been watching this while on the treadmill lately? Nothing like a little extra cardio boost in the morning . . .
*** And then I read this at Bub and Pie, and I knew that I was not alone!


  1. Anonymous7:44 AM

    I LOVE that movie too! I am a big Julie Andrews fan- even met her in NYC with Tom and my parents. Cool in front of a big star me blurts out- "Oh my god, you're Mary Poppins!" while everyone else is nonchalantly chatting with her. Her response, "I guess I have a big fan."
    I am going to pull our DVD out for workout company too- thanks
    -hope the family is well.
    -Mirabella MOM

  2. Yay for getting on the treadmill! He is kind of hot, in a very aristocratic, old enough to be my grandfather kind of way. Ha!

  3. That gazebo photo is just too much.

  4. Anonymous1:22 PM

    oddly enough, Anika and I were listening to the soundtrack CD just a few days ago...every time we get to the end of "Do Re Mi", she urges, "Again!" and we have to play it over and over (the Lonely Goatherd is *my* favorite- Julie Andrews and those high notes! Fabulous!)

  5. You are absolutely right--and this is why it made my list of Romantic Movies.


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