Thursday, February 08, 2007


4andcounting has found something with which to tag me -- after all the tags I sent her way:) -- and I am excited because I've seen this one floating around and I was going to do it on my own, but never got around to it. Now I have to do it or the Blogging gods will be angry . . .

Presenting: The A-B-C's of Homemaking - Aimee Style

Aprons- Y/N? Yes, I have one and I use it, but it's old and not cute. I want one that is cute and girly, but will still keep me from wearing the flour when I'm baking.

Baking- Favorite thing to bake? Chocolate Chip Cookies, or the kids' birthday cakes

Clothesline- Y/N? Yes, and I use it when the weather is nice. I can't bring myself to go all
hard-core like my mom did and hang out jeans in January in PA. They'd be out there until April.

Donuts- Ever made them? Not in my own home, but my dad used to make them when I was younger. They were D to the E to the L-I-C-I-O-U-S.

Everyday- One homemaking thing you do everyday? Make the beds and vacuum all the crumbs off the dining room floor.

Freezer- Do you have a separate deep freezer? No, but I want one and I am eyeing a little spot in the garage that has freezer written all over it.

Garbage Disposal- Y/N? Yes!

Handbook- Y/N? I found A Mother's Rule of Life by Holly Pierlot to be very helpful. It's the only homemaking book that I've actually referenced more than once.

Ironing- Love it or hate it? Don't enjoy it, and I never have. My dad used to joke that I used "The Magic Iron" while I was in high school because I only ironed the parts of my uniform that could be seen. I'm still like that.

Junk Drawer- Where is it? Umm, which one? Do you mean the one in the kitchen, or the one in my bedroom. Or maybe you mean the one in the bathroom . . . or you could be talking about any drawer in the desk.

Kitchen- Design and decorating? Open to the dining room on one side and the "reading" room on the other, with a straight shot down the hall to the front door. It's very sunny and cozy, with neutral greenish walls, a window overlooking the woods out back, and lots of the kids artwork. I enjoy it very much, which is good considering I spend a good portion of the day there.

Love- What is your favorite part of homemaking? Well, I love baking, but I also love to decorate the house and change the furniture around just for fun.

Mop- Y/N? Yes, although I don't love doing it. I mop all the floors every Monday because if I didn't have a schedule, I wouldn't do it at all.

Nylons- Wash by hand or in the washer? I can't even remember the last time I wore nylons! I guess it was my cousin's wedding. I throw them in the washer because if they get ruined, I won't lose sleep about it because I wear them so infrequently. There it is, the wasteful truth.

Oven- Do you use the window or open it to check? I always open it because the light in our oven is not bright and I can't see anything. Or maybe the oven is just so dirty that the light can't make it through. Either way, I'm an opener.

Pizza- What do you put on yours? I like everything (except anchovies), and Rob does not. He likes ham and pineapple, and I do not. So we compromise and get the same thing every time: half cheese, half pepperoni. Thrill seekers, I know.

Quiet- What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment? Check out all my bloggy peeps, try to work on my own blog, read (a real, actual book), check out cute and heinously expensive kids clothes on the web (that I never buy)

Recipe card box- Y/N? No, I'm all loosey-goosey with my recipes, which actually goes against my very nature. I do have a folder type thing, but I need to get me a binder.

Style of house- The modern take on a center hall colonial in a quiet development that is more like an enlarged cul-de-sac, so there is very little traffic. We have four bedrooms, and a little over an acre of very pretty wooded land that drops off to a creek below (like "Ravine of Terror" kind of drop-off). We also have a lovely and sturdy fence.

Tablecloths and napkins- Y/N? Tablecloth on special occasions, or when comp'ny's a'comin'. Paper napkins for us, except for The Boy who uses his sleeves.

Under the kitchen sink- Organized, although there are some yucky cleaners under there. I keep them all in a special tub.

Vacuum- How many times a week? Every Wednesday, although we need it more.

Wash- How many loads do you do a week? I do one full load per day, except on Sunday, so I guess that makes 6 per week.

X's- Do you keep a list of things to do and cross them off? I do keep lists, but I am usually keeping a running tally in my head, so I don't go back to cross anything off until much later.

Yard- Who does what? Rob does all the mowing, trimming, etc. I take care of the gardens/weeding/watering. Hence the dead plants.

ZZZ's- What is your last homemaking task for the day? Turn down the thermostat, does that count? If not, then folding laundry in front of the tv.

I tag Carrie and Sara, if they feel like it, and anyone else who wants to jump in.


  1. I have the Holly Pierlot book and have read it twice, but have still failed to really implement much of it. It is on my permanent goal list. :)

  2. You got it, girlfriend. I'll try and hop on my VERY FIRST TAG in the morning. It's bedtime now, but I couldn't resist your site...

  3. Anonymous1:03 AM

    hon- you TOTALLY just brought back a memory for me from your 15th St. house: your dad's donuts. Wow. I totally sucked one down back in the day. And since I'm remembering this *now*, it must've been a helluva donut!
    : )

  4. 4andcounting: The few things I have implemented from Holly's book have worked pretty well so far, eg: the floors on Monday, the vacuuming on Wed. I respond very well to schedules because left to my own devices, I avoid housework at all costs.

    kimmy: mmmmm . . . donuts . . .

  5. ok, i love this post, and am excited to be a tag-ee! how old am i, that these are things i think about every day now?!

    you can come see my list!


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