Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Siren Song

They are calling to me. The cookies in the breadbox know my name and I swear they are calling to me.

Come, Aimee, open the breadbox and see our lovely buttery faces so generously dotted with creamy morsels of chocolate. Aimee . . .

If I get up and go to them now, I will be ruined. A whole sleeve could disappear before I even knew what was happening, and then I would be forced to pay some serious sweat equity on the treadmill. So that is why I am here at the computer; it's my modern day equivalent of being lashed to the mast until the danger passes.

And, oh, what a dangerous danger those cookies are to all my best efforts. As I have mentioned before, I have a serious refined sugar habit that I need to kick. I always have my cake, and eat it too . . . usually with a side of ice cream. And let me tell you, that is doing me no favors in the junk in the trunk department (or flab in the ab, either).
Having lost weight after each of the first two babes, I know all the "tricks":

Put the cookies in a cabinet where they are out of sight and you won't even remember where they are. Ha! If they call out to you, then you'll know exactly where they are. I am like the human GPS for trans fat.

Remember portion control. Buy small, pre-packaged snacks to avoid eating too much. Well, aside from the fact that pre-packaged, portion controlled snacks are overpriced, it's probably not helping too much if I can rationalize eating two packets at a time "because the pieces are so small."

Buy cookies that the kids will eat, but that you don't enjoy. News flash: There is no such thing as a cookie I don't enjoy.

And the last resort of all: Don't buy it. If the snacks aren't in the house, then you won't eat them. Oh, believe me, we rarely have the "good snacks" at our house, and that is not an exaggeration. My kids go to other homes and fall upon any and all snack foods as if they have just recently been returned to society from a maximum security facility.

So now I am down to avoidance. I have discovered that if I can just do something, anything, in those few crucial minutes when I feel tempted to hurl myself into the sugary sea, then I can usually make it without stuffing something outrageously caloric in my pie-hole. I think the danger has passed for now, and being here at the computer has helped. You'll be hearing a lot from me.

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