Monday, October 30, 2006

Two Letters Make All the Difference

After pulling some of the nipples to Baby Girl's bottles out of the dishwasher, I noticed that some of them were looking pretty rough and could probably be cut from the roster. Later that day, I called down to the playroom where The Boy was playing with his beloved trains and told him that we needed to do some errands. Since he thrives on schedules and sequencing, he asked where we were going and I told him: the post office, the bank, and Target, so that we could get some new nipples for the baby's bottles. I told him that he was allowed to pick one train to bring along as "company."
While putting the baby in her carseat, I heard him down there talking with his trains:

OK, I have to go out now, but I can take one of you with me. I think that I'll take James so he can come to Target to get nibbles for the bottles so the baby can eat.

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