Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Joy

Thank you, Catholic Church, for celebrating Easter as an octave.  That gives me 8 whole days for chocolate eating posting Easter pictures!

The kids were originally supposed to be home today, but thanks to the Never-ending Story called Winter '14, today is a snow make up day. Our kids have had no break this spring, but it's all right. They like school and this means they are still getting out at relatively the same time in June.

I just feel badly for their teachers, since their menu yesterday consisted of chocolate eggs, jelly beans, carrot cake, cinnamon rolls, and a tiny sliver of ham, just to make it healthy.

I'm sure they will have zero mood issues today.

Easter Sunday was lovely here.  On Facebook, I said that it was about as lovely as a day could be. The weather was perfect and our family was together - everything else was gravy. Or chocolate, as the case may be.

Many times in my life, while I have been enjoying intensely happy moments, I find myself dwelling on that happiness and trying to store it up in my heart.  I think about how I will never be in this happy day again, and that harder times very well may be ahead.  It's not a pessimistic feeling, really.  It's more of an acknowledgement of the grace of the moment.  Life changes so quickly, and my children will not be small and with me forever.  But they are with me right now, so I'll enjoy them.

Happy Easter, my friends!


  1. GeeGee11:44 AM

    It was a glorious day indeed! All my children, their spouses, my grandchildren, and my husband together....Sunshine, delicious food, lots of laughter, and the joy of the Resurrection...indeed a moment of grace....

  2. is it me, or do your kids have almost the exact same expressions in the outside/porch photo and the inside/pew photo? love it. store up the graces, girlfriend...

    (my word captcha included 'diocese')

  3. Beautiful Easter Pictures...and I love how your four yr old only has one tooth...just like mine!


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