Thursday, October 31, 2013

{p,h,f,r}: All Hallow's Eve Edition

Okay, since a "memoir blog" has been indubitably declared a real thing, let's hit it.  I'm getting all memoir-y and linking up with everyone's favorite mother/daughter blog for {p,h,f,r}.  

Today is Halloween of course, but our dumb town had their "trick-or-treat" night last week.  I don't know why they do this and I rail against it every year.  I'd never even heard of a township moving Halloween until we lived here.  

So my kids got their candy almost a week ago, but they had to save their costumes because their school did the Halloween parties/parade on Halloween.  Can you imagine?  Waiting until the 31st? How archaic.  

Thanks to all the rescheduling, my kids have been mainlining Halloween candy for nearly a week and it ain't pretty.

These pictures were taken right before they went to trick-or-treat, so this is the cleanest, most correctly assembled their costumes ever got.  

Sally went as a "sparkly witch."  She told me this summer that she wanted to be a witch, "but not an
evil witch who makes poison or anything.  Just a happy witch."

Mopsy chose to be Merida, or as the little girls call her, "Brave."
She may not have that wild red hair, but one look at that missing tooth
tells you that she is a little Scottish hooligan.

Septimus was C-3PO.  He was press-ganged into the Star Wars themed costumes his brothers wanted.
That's what happens when you are the baby and you can't talk.

My son, Darth.
Why do I always fall for the bad boys?

At least Fiver picked one of the good guys, even though he looks a little deranged.

Baby was Snow White.
This was Mopsy's costume last year, and I kept suggesting Snow White to Baby
because I knew I could re-use it.  Pocahontas is Baby's favorite Disney princess, but she found Snow White acceptable.

Francie wasn't going to dress up this year, but then she got invited to a costume party.  She didn't have a costume, so she did what every smart child has done in the history of Halloween.  She raided the closets.  She took Rob's white coat, his scrub shirt, and his stethoscope and went as a doctor. 

Of course, I have no pictures of her in costume because she was out the door on the way to the party while I was wrestling the other kids into their costumes.  

But I do have pictures of her heading out to the high school homecoming dance.  She's not a huge dress girl - she prefers jeans - but when she finds one she likes, look out!  And if you add hair and makeup? Well, it makes me hyperventilate a little bit.

"I got a rock."
Fiver picked this year's jack-o-lantern template.


  1. Francie is beautiful! All your kids looked great in their costumes, but who can resist a baby C-3PO? He's getting so big!

  2. Your kids look great in their costumes! And Francie is so very pretty!

    And that pumpkin is so cool. My husband is in charge of carving our pumpkin and he always goes traditional - lots of triangles. Maybe one of these years I can get him to do something cool like this one.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this memoir-y post. THOROUGHLY! I am celebrating today's great feast by catching up on all my favorite reading and even--GASP!--leaving comments. Such the feast day luxury.

    And I agree with you about your wacky township. Celebrating Halloween the week before? Weird! Even weirder than Halloween can be!

    Happy All Saints' Day, dear Aimee. May your day be blessed & beautiful. : )

  4. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Love this! Love the blog too! I totally get that you have no time to post regularly and I would never want you to not enjoy it. I have it in my favorites and check for new post often. I love your stories and love how you write! :)
    -Lisa Luciano


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