Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Off My Game

Sally lost her other front tooth and the Tooth Fairy forgot to collect it.  Multiple times.  That's just the way it's been around here lately.  

I wish I could say that it's the first time it's happened in this house, but I can't lie.  It's happened so often that the kids almost expect it.  And their sympathies firmly lie with the Tooth Fairy, as you can plainly see from Sally's notes:

In case you can't tell from my stellar photography, the note says:

"Hi tooth fairy I am sorry if you did not fid [sic] any tooth my mom forgot to put it out. I am relly relly relly SORRY bye xoxoxo kiss hugs"

Look, the Tooth Fairy can just cut me some slack, okay?  There are A LOT of teeth floating around this place.  We keep that chick in business.  I mean, Francie hasn't even lost all her baby teeth yet, for crying out loud!  (not that she is expecting anything for them. Thank goodness for small favors.)

We are on the last few days of summer.  Fiver and Sally go back on Monday, and Bun and Francie start back on Tuesday.  I don't have everything ready, and I swing wildly between stressing out and not caring at all.  I want summer to keep going but I am also getting sick of the loosey-goosey quality of our days. Yes, it's exhausting to live in my head.

Since this will be our last free weekend for a long time, we plan to drink it in as deeply as we can and take the kids to our favorite amusement park to celebrate Fiver's birthday a little early.

This plan dovetails nicely with my self-imposed quasi-fast from the internet. Why do I need to step my crazy away from the internet?  Maybe I'll be able to explain it all once summer is over and I have tons of time for writing posts and surfing the web and eating bon-bons and doing whatever I want.


Now you'll have to excuse me, I need to go find a tooth.


  1. Lol. I'm almost scarily certain that a note along these lines lies in my future.

  2. If I had a dollar everytime I forgot, I'd never have to find a dollar to pay the fairy! ;-)

  3. The tooth fairy used to put it back on the kids around here. She would leave a note to the effect that she tried to get the tooth, but he wasn't asleep like he was supposed to be, that many other kids were asleep and waiting for her, and that she would try again the next night. Made sense to me!


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