Friday, March 22, 2013

Quick Takes

I'm jumping back in the quick takes pool this week!


So, what happens when you are child #5 and a feisty girl with 2 older brothers who insist on playing a live action role play version of Angry Birds?   


This happens.  

You get a SHINER the week before Easter from taking your brother's elbow to the face in an Angry Birds mishap.  (These pictures don't even do it justice because she didn't want to stand still long enough for me to get a good picture.)

And did I mention that Easter falls on this particular daughter's 3rd birthday this year?  Oh yes it does.

So if it doesn't heal quickly, all her Easter/birthday pictures will be con ojo negro.  

Is concealer considered tacky for a 3 year old?


This one is for lovely Colleen.  Septimus has grown into his little brother threads, and he sends his thanks!  He's obviously comfy! 


I finally made it in for confession this afternoon and I was able to squeeze in some time in adoration as well.  It was very much needed.  Like a long cool drink in the desert kind of need.

Our parish has a pastor and one resident, but our resident is a monsignor who is usually very busy with the bishop during the week.  More often than not, our pastor is the only confessor available.  

I know a few people who go to different parishes to confess anonymously, but my preference is always to stay at my home parish.  I kind of like knowing that monsignor, who sees me every week and visits my kids at their school, will be the face I see during confession.  Sort of like a family doctor for my soul, and you all know how much I love those family docs.

Monsignor usually likes to start with a little chat, and when I went in today he was excited to tell me that he had just registered a new family with 8 children.  He was so happy to have another big family at our parish, and I told him I was excited to have another family for people to count during mass.  

He chuckled and told me that he knew a lot of people watching Rob and myself and our dedication to our vocation.  He lauded our patience and devotion and kindness and witness to our faith.

So I bet he was pretty surprised when I practically burst into tears, because NO PRESSURE, Monsignor!

"Oh Monsignor!," I sniffled, "I just came in here to confess how awful I've been in my vocation as wife and mother!!  How unkind and unfeeling I've been lately! And why did God send a nutso like me so many kids?!?"   Wahhhh!

God bless the man, he took it all in stride.  "Well, let's get down to it, then," was all he said.


After I finished confession, Monsignor very kindly said, "You know, your life has been pretty Lenten lately.  You are still recovering in so many ways from having the baby. It is never, never too late to be sincere and make that final push.  It's never too late for God.  And believe me, God knows what He is doing giving you and Rob so many children.  He sees you."

And then I cried again.  


Rob and I have started scrutinizing the budget, especially in light of Francie heading off to Catholic high school next year.  Her tuition for high school will be more than Fiver, Sally, Bun, and Mopsy in Catholic grade school combined.  Have mercy.

We are so thankful that she has received a Bishop's scholarship for part of the tuition, but it's still a hefty price tag and a sacrifice for us.  Several years ago, Rob and I paid off all debt except our mortgage and one car payment and we decided then that we would not use credit to finance anything anymore.

Now we are trying to figure out the best strategy for allocating the small funds we have.  We have 2 paid off vans but we cannot fit our whole family into one so we are driving 2 cars any time we need to go somewhere as a family.   We need the super van.  

There are also some much needed home repairs/improvements that are looming.  The years and the kids have been hard on the old homestead.

And did I mention braces?  Because I should have.   The only thing that has saved us from the braces bill thus far is that Francie still has baby teeth that she hasn't lost.  Once they are out, the braces go on, and our dentist told us that Francie is actually going to need more extensive work because of the shape of her jaw.

I'm sure it will be cheap and painless.  Just like everything else in this world.


There is another wintry storm predicted for us early next week, so to take my mind off the fact that we will all be wearing winter coats and boots to Easter mass, I went shopping.  I know I just complained about money, but I got some really great deals.  Plus, with the family I have, I know these are not "once and done" outfits.  They will be seen again and again.


I did it, my friends!  I remembered what I wanted to share for "The Doctor Is In."  Sometimes the old noggin can still get itself out of neutral.

While talking to Rob about furniture, I mentioned that I liked the more aged, distressed kind of look.  To which he replied, "Oh that's good, because if you leave something new in this house it will be distressed by the end of the week."

I asked Rob if we should get Francie a gift for her upcoming confirmation (for the record, I was thinking about a rosary or religious medal).  He said, "Confirmation gift? That's a thing now?  Want to know what gift I got for confirmation?  THE HOLY SPIRIT! Boom."

So there you go.  Happy weekend, my friends, and I hope that it's springy wherever you are.  It has to be nice weather somewhere, right? 



  1. Awwww, he looks great in that shirt :-)

    Love the confession stories, your mnsr. Is a very smart priest!

    I can't believe you've made it to 7 kids without the big Catholic van yet. Get on that.

    Rob is a riot. The end.

  2. Sounds like confession was just what you needed! And I love all those beautiful dresses? Where did you get them?

    And a little concealer never hurt anyone! (Except maybe my 8 year old who thought it was a tube of lipstick and had some very pale looking lips for a bit!)

  3. I love your 7 takes...gonna have to follow you on Bloglovin'! Your Confession sounds like mine. My priest this past weekend, compared motherhood to the priesthood. He's right, there's so many similar things, he went on to talk about how our jobs are never done and we should try to find Jesus in the undone. Because He's there. I also cried about feeling I'm being too much a "Martha" and missing out on the children. He suggested praying to the Holy Spirit and asking for the gift of Prudence. The prudence to pick the right things at the right time.

    Oh, I went way off there...

    Your kids are adorable, kiss that baby for me!!

    I broke down and bought dresses for the girls at Wal-mart, and long sleeve shirts to go under them. And leggings. I'm not buying's just too cold.

  4. Love the Confirmation gift line!

    Private school has just not even been an option for us. I sometimes feel guilty about it, like I'm less of a faithful Catholic, which is dumb. I know. But, it happens.

    I need to get to Confession. Your monsignor sounds like a gem. I almost cried just reading his words!

    Cold here today, but I think warming up soon.

  5. "He said, "Confirmation gift? That's a thing now? Want to know what gift I got for confirmation? THE HOLY SPIRIT! Boom."

    LOL. Me too :)


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