Friday, February 01, 2013

5 Looks Good on #4

Either he's showing me his age or trying to use The Force on me.
It could go either way.

I recently had a conference with Bun's pre-kindergarten teacher, where she told me, "He is a delight to have in class.  I look forward to seeing him and he is the kind of kid every teacher wishes for."

Gosh, it's a pity he isn't doing well.

I was not too worried about Bun academically given the fact that he taught himself to read.  He positively drinks in knowledge of all kinds.  His speech therapist gave him his yearly evaluation but she stopped testing him when he passed the language questions on the 3rd grade reading level.

I really wanted to know how he interacted with his peers.  Was he pushy, whiny, bossy, shy, rude?

Turns out he is none of the above.  His teacher told me that he is friendly and helpful, kind to the other children, and very responsible.  He acknowledges his mistakes or any naughty behavior instead of throwing another kid under the bus.  He is also the first one to clean up the room at dismissal.

I joked and asked her to please send that child back home to me.  I'd like the friendly, helpful, kind, responsible, self-cleaning version of Bun to live here all the time.

"He's a pretty awesome kid," she assured me.

I know and we enjoy him so much.

Bun has grown a lot this year.  As I planned out his cake earlier this week, I told Rob that I couldn't believe that Bun was turning five.

Five just seems to be the age where my kids turn the corner from all that lies in Baby Land.  Five is the age where the glimpses of who they will be as an older child begin to eclipse the way they were as tiny little babies and wobbly toddlers.

Bun is articulate and funny, ebullient, boyishly mischievous, and comprehensively curious.  He is protective and forthright, daring and enormously creative.

A pretty awesome kid, indeed, and we love him dearly.

Happy birthday, kiddo -- 5 looks really good on you.


  1. Would ya send that kid over for a cookie? He is my kinda kid. I knew he would be great when he declared his love of baseball (even if he is not a Reds fan!).

    Happy Birthday, buddy! You're all-American!

  2. Oh my gosh, he is so sweet, I feel like I know him. Thank God for sending us exactly what we need. I hope he gets everything his little heart desires :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Bun! I remember reading about you when you were born :) !!

    P.S. It's a relief to hear other kids are like this - great at school, but their home behavior is not quite on the same level ;) !! Thanks for keeping it real!

  4. Anonymous12:02 PM

    It is hard to believe that Bun is 5! I remember sitting with Aimee in the NICU watching him sleep. Of course, the last 5 years at the Homefront Corp. have been incredibly busy as each of the 3 newest members have arrived. All of a sudden (it seems) Bun is 5 and looking forward to Kindergarten next year...Happy Birthday darling boy. (Your birthday partner, Pop Pop, is also 5 years older, but don't remind him!) I love both my February 1 birthday boys....

  5. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Happy Birthday Bun!!! <3
    -Lisa L.


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