Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Doctor Is In

Because the funny goes on even when the blogging (and the mommy) can't, thank God . . . .

After seeing a commercial for "Toddlers and Tiaras" on TLC:
TLC.  The Learning Channel.  WHAT exactly am I supposed to be learning from this channel?

After seeing the commercial that advertises Chevy's return policy:
I think what they really want to say is 'if you don't like your new Chevy, then you're a Commie.  Get out of the country.'

After asking if the 100m butterfly was considered Michael Phelps' best event:
22 medals. I thought they were all considered his best event.

After the boys came down from bed for the tenth time to tell us that Bun had figured out that 6x3 is 3:
6x3 is 18.  Good night, Mathletes.

After watching Baby toddle away from the dinner table with a trail of crumbs falling from her pants:
That's so she can find her way back to us from the witch's house.

Yes, we keep our children in boxes on the lawn.


  1. There's nothing like a box. Best Toy Ever.

    And I love all these comments! I'm with him on the TLC thing. I call it "The Lunatic Channel." There's nothing to be learned there anymore.

  2. That seems so idyllic, the orchard (commenting on two posts). I'm sure there are places to do that around here, but it is too hot and I'm too lazy.

    Rob and Travis would get along famously. We must convince our husbands that our families need to meet halfway for a vacation. A vacation with 13 kids--ha!

  3. Playing in a box on the lawn is great until a sibling writes "Free" on the side of the box!


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