Thursday, August 02, 2012

{p,h,f,r}: The Long Summer Edition

So I abandoned my blog for a while.  I just needed to step away, for a lot of different reasons, and I still don't feel a burning pull to come back and post with any kind of regularity.

In fact, I abandoned most of my usual computer diversions.  All I can say is "it's not you, it's me."  Completely lame, but still true.

It's been a difficult season here, some of it caused by circumstances beyond my control and some of it cause by nothing but my own selfish, slothful nature.  I'm working on it.

But there have still been some lovely moments this summer, so I'm jumping on the {p,h,f,r} wagon and I'm posting the good times.  The happy times.  The not-yelling-not-exhausted-not-grumpy times. 

We had a picnic at my grandmother's house recently.
Bun definitely keeps his Granny amused.

Sally at Granny's house.  She is standing under the arbor
covered with my grandfather's grapevines.

Mopsy under the grapevines -- with her shoes on the wrong feet
because she refuses anyone's help with putting them on.
I let her go because that's not a hill worth dying on.

He really is a big hit with us.

The gang on the blanket.  
Beach Bun



  1. Just for the record, I missed you. I love all those sweet faces on the blanket! Who are the littles looking at?

  2. I've done the same before... we all get it. Or we should. Still, love those pics of the cutie pies. Great photos and memories. Glad to have you back... for now ;)

  3. One day she'll put them on the right feet. Or not. I'm with you--not worth fighting.

    Praying for you friend.

  4. Hmmmmm, a pregnant lady with lots of kids at home in the sweltering heat is tired and grumpy? Never heard of it.

    Your kids are so so so adorable, and your eldest is too grown up already.

  5. Shoes on wrong feet--definitely not a hill worth dying on. She'll figure it out, eventually, then switch to some other "fashion statement" all her own.
    Hoping things calm down for you--you're in my prayers :)

  6. I've been in a funk about too. Just waiting for school to start so I can get back to feeling like myself again.


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