Friday, July 13, 2012

Quick Takes Friday

Late, late, late!  Seems like I'm always behind the eight ball these days.

Eh, what are you going to do?   On with the Quick Takes!


Dear Maternity Clothing Manufacturers,

Not every woman wants to dress like a 20 year old pregnant hooker.  This is my seventh baby, and while I'm sure it never entered your mind that a modern woman would ever allow herself to be impregnated this many times on purpose, I'm just telling you that I'm going to need more than a 4 inch inseam on a pair of maternity shorts.

All the best,  A.


I would like to travel back in time to the year 2000, find myself as I am complaining about packing up for a vacation with just Rob, Francie, and myself, and then punch myself in the face.

Seriously, what the heck was I complaining about?  I still had the luxury of just throwing a few things into a bag, making sure we had the sippy cups and diapers, and then hitting the road.

These days, my packing lists rival those of any seasoned quartermaster, and our vacations have all the organization of a military expedition.  With about 1000% more whining.


We took a very quick jaunt to Annapolis last weekend.  Rob was speaking at a conference and since the hotel was paid for, we decided to tag along.

Annapolis is a lovely city, and we walked a fair bit of it.  Unfortunately, it was a trillion degrees outside when we did it, so our faces melted off.

I know, I know, it's summer.  Summer is hot.  But 95 degrees at 7 pm does not make for happy walking weather or for happy walkers.  It was too hot for ice cream, if that is to be believed.

On the other hand, all that hot walking makes for deep sleeping in air conditioned hotel rooms.  Win.


On the way to and from Annapolis, we made our customary stops at several Cracker Barrel restaurants.

They have large bathrooms with changing areas, they have tables big enough to seat the traveling circus we call our family, they have real(ish) food that my children will eat, they play Dolly Parton on the sound system, and they have checkers.

Oh!  Plus, they have that peg game that my kids love to take out of the game board and set up like bowling pins and then spill all over the floor.

How can we not stop?


This is the halfway point in all the Face-of-theSun walking we did in Annapolis.
Mopsy absolutely rules facial expressions.
(Note: We made her sit on the ground at the Naval Academy next to the "E" because that is her real first initial.
We are not in the habit of just making her sit on the hot ground.)


This is like every other family photo I take.
In fact, this was the best out of too many.
My hopes are extraordinarily low for Christmas card pictures.


Time for me to go.  It is almost 10:30 at night and the 47 baskets worth of folded laundry on my bed won't pack themselves.

Happy weekend, my friends - see you when I see you!


  1. I loved every last take, and the captions on that picture are PRICELESS! It should be your Christmas card, captions and all. And yes, Mopsy totally has a handle on what Little Brother refers to as "expressionizing."

  2. Oh my goodness, you crack me up! And the shorts - it's not just a maternity problem. I simply can't find the perfect length of shorts and usually choose to buy the bermuda style just so I'm not tempting all the men. Hahahahahahahahahaahahaha, as if that were the real reason (says my cellulite thighs).

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  4. Ok, I totally hear you on the maternity clothes. I don't fit into tops. I don't fit into bottoms. Then I find something that fits... and I wash it... and it shrinks. Picture me with that "death stare" you mentioned.

    Love your #2. I'll keep this in mind while we have one... though I dont see vacations in our future any time soon.

    I think I have that death stare pic of myself at 2. I still make that face.

    I don't like hot walks either. Though I'm not crazy about complaining about the weather when there's not much we can do about it... you're pregnant and you go right ahead ;)

    I don't have six children yet, but have tried to do this pic before as a preschool teacher with 25. I remember the photographer took 3 photos and was like, "Ok we're done" and I didn't budge. I just looked at him and said, "No you're not. Take about 20-30 more and maybe we'll find something to work with"

    And all I have to say is that if you still have time to blog, you are the reason I feel lazy! ;)

    1. You and my portuguese neighbors.

  5. Anonymous1:49 PM

    I just happened on your blog and this is the first thing I read and cracked up! Were you writing about your family on vacation or mine????? Love it :)

  6. Your maternity clothes comment made me laugh. This is my sixth pregnancy and to my own chagrin, I am wearing those 4" inseam shorts around the house because I. AM. SO. STINKING. HOT and there were no other choices!


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