Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Spy Wednesday

I'm at the start of some intense prep time around these parts.  My lists are all made, my calendar is full, and it's time to do the heavy lifting.

I think I've gotten our Easter wardrobes in order, just in the nick of time.   Rob bought a new suit yesterday, after I told him that he was not to come home without one.  Shopping is a form of torture for him, but a new suit was a necessity.  He's been working with his old suit for many years, and it was time to release it.  I offered to go out and just buy one for him, to spare him the shopping, but he wanted to try it on himself.

On the other hand, shopping is not so much torture for me as a near occasion of sin.  Gluttony and Envy come to mind specifically.  I love to buy cute clothes for the kids and myself, so I need to watch what I am doing very carefully.

I have worn maternity clothes for the past two Easters and I was itching to wear something with an actual size printed on the label and no elastic band around the middle.  Luckily, I found some great sales, and I was able to get myself two new dresses, and two pairs of shoes which will carry me through any dressy occasions this spring and summer (and the next and the next . . . ).

So cute!  Don't these just scream "good weather, fun times ahead!"?
And they are so comfy.

This is SO not the kind of shoe I usually buy, but believe it or not, they feel fantastic on my feet.
And they go with my dresses perfectly, and they were 40% off, and I had a coupon.
They couldn't be more perfect if they were chanting my name in the store.

Today is the last day that I will do any major Easter shopping (barring any milk/bread runs on Holy Saturday morning), so that means the candy store!  We always go to a local chocolatier for our Easter chocolates because a) I like supporting local businesses, b) it's the same store where my parents got our candy, so tradition!, and c)  YUM!    It is more expensive, but we don't buy very much and the smell of the shop alone is worth the price.

The days coming up are busy and solemn, so if I doubt I will post again before Easter.  Until then, have a blessed Holy Week.  I'll see you after the Resurrection!


  1. Fun shoes! You must take pictures of the dresses too then. :)

    I need to buy clothes for the boys. Nothing like leaving it to the last, eh?

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  2. I LOVE those shoes!!!! Might be emailing you to find out where you got them, especially the first pair :)
    ALSO: I will be planning for next year to find out where you get your chocolates and will make a special trip just to get something yummy. My mom and I were just talking today about how there are no great places around here for such things. The place where she always bought our Easter goodies has been out of business for a long time :( That place rocked!!

  3. Cute shoes! After 2 years of maternity clothes, I don't blame you for wanting to indulge a little. It's maternity clothes for me this year :)
    I did the bulk of my shopping today too. I'm semi ready but the next few days are going to very busy (but in the back of my mind I'm keeping the knowledge that I WILL NOT be Martha this year).
    Happiest of Easters to you and your family!!


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