Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Two-rrific Day

Mopsy is two, and hardly terrible at all.  Just mischievous and funny and sweet and endearing and tender and tough and everything else a two year old girl should be.

A baby's first birthday is always sort of a wash for the guest of honor.  It's really more about the parents surviving that first year and living to tell the tale.  

But when they turn two?  Oh, they know something's up, especially if they have older siblings who keep saying, "Whose birthday is coming?!  Is it yours?  Are we going to have cake on Saturday?!  Are you going to get presents?!"

That kind of palpable excitement translates well, my friends.

So Mopsy had her special day, and it was grand.  Her big sisters frosted and decorated cupcakes for her, complete with pink sugar sprinkles and a Minnie Mouse candle. (Mopsy is a Minnie Mouse devotee.)  

She got some fun toys from relatives near and far, and generally did whatever she wanted all day long, thanks to a big sister who went to bat for her from the start.  After I denied Mopsy's request for a Ritz cracker breakfast, Sally put her hands on her hips and said, "Mommy.  It's her birthday.  Just say yes."

Want to guess what Mopsy had for breakfast?  At least she ate well the rest of the day.  Until the cupcakes -- then it was no holds barred.

Happy, happy second birthday, Mopsy.  We love you so much!

Classic Mopsy face

Hey, are these cupcakes for me?

Oh, yeah.  They are totally for me.

You have to rock the cupcake birthday shirt and tutu!

Hugs from GeeGee are a great gift

Mommy and the birthday girl


  1. Anonymous9:48 PM

    What a sweet girl!!! Happy Birthday!! I remember hoping she would be born on my bday!! ;-)
    -Lisa Luciano

  2. Looks like a great birthday all around. And love the last picture--she is TOTALLY your mini-me!

  3. She looks way older than Benjamin! Please don't tell me he will look older on his 2nd birthday. I can't handle it.

    Happy birthday to Mopsy! Pretty girl and a pretty mama.

  4. I am super late to this party, but Happy Birthday anyway -- you are a dolly, Miss Mopsy!


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