Thursday, December 08, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}: a character study

I've always felt uncomfortable with the question, "But is she (or he) a good baby?" when people were cooing over whatever little nugget I happened to be toting on my hip.  I don't subscribe to the good baby/bad baby school of classification. 

Are some babies easier to manage and less fussy than others?  Oh yes, and I've had a few of those.  But I don't think that's because they are good or bad.  They are just babies, and some of my fussiest babies have grown into totally happy, easy going kids.  

All that being said, Baby is a decidedly happy baby.  She is just a little lump of wiggly loveliness, who is easy to please and pleased to be surrounded by her nutty siblings.  She wakes up cooing and smiling, she babbles in her sleep, and she lights up the room.  She is like a powerful little people magnet; her brothers and sisters can't stay away from her.

Yesterday, as she jumped around in her exersaucer, I sat and snapped frame after frame of her delicious little face.  She was pretty, happy, funny, and real all over.

This is the face she makes when she wonders what the heck I am doing.  She makes this face a lot.

Baby likes to pull her bibs off and then stuff them back into her mouth to chew on them.  Makes her gums feel better, but it doesn't do much to protect her shirts.

This is what Baby looks like when the kids are running around like crazy.  You can practically hear her thinking, "What is wrong with these guys?!"

She is not very mischievous (yet!) but she can sure look it sometimes.
This is how she spends 90% of her time.  This gummy smile could power a small city.

I think this is my favorite face of all.  So sweet and serene.


  1. Why is PA so far from TX?? I want to see her in person and kiss those cheeks!

  2. She is gorgeous! I can easily understand you snapping frame after frame! Thank you for sharing some baby goodness with us!

  3. Pretty colors in those pictures and beautiful baby too! What a treat!

  4. And I love the drool hanging off her chin. Her smiles and drools remind me of Xander. He is such a happy baby too, although I admit I use the term "good baby" because well, he is! I've also had "bad babies" who turned into wonderful toddlers. It's not the person I think is bad...just the stage :)

  5. I'm glad Colleen said it because I'm saying it too. That drop of drool on the chin...gets me every time! What a SWEETIE!

  6. Adorable! I agree about the "good baby" label. There's no such thing as a bad baby!

  7. My gosh she is adorable! I totally agree about good baby/ bad baby. Both my boys were "high maintainance" babies and are now fairly easy going toddler/ preschoolers. It's not a question of good or bad for babies, just being babies. :)

  8. Completely precious! I have a feeling the mischieviousness is on its way!

  9. That's an interesting remark about the "good baby" issue - when I ask the question, I don't mean to imply that a boisterous baby is "bad", but I can definitely see what you mean, from your/a mother's point of view!


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