Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas + 1

This was the best picture we could get of the hooligans.  Bun looks like he's in pain,  Fiver looks practically manic, and Mopsy was so unhappy that she wouldn't even look at the camera.  I guess three out of six isn't bad . . .

From our home to yours, we wish you a very merry Christmas!

We managed to eke out a lovely day, despite my being hit by the flu on Christmas eve.  Not good times, my friends.  Fevers, chills, body aches, the whole shebang hit me like a freight train on the afternoon of the 24th.

I missed mass, I missed the kids opening their gifts, and I missed Christmas dinner with my parents.  I mostly kept to my bed until this morning, but I still feel fairly awful.  Not as feverish, but still achy.  In fact, I think I need to head back to bed.

I'm hoping for a less infected new year.

Hope your Christmas was wonderful and flu-free!


  1. Poor Aimee. I really, really hope the kids stay healthy. Flu shot next year, darlin'. I learned my lesson last year.

  2. haha I love how you write that he "practically looks manic"...I think he looks like all of my boys do when I pull out the camera. And here's to hoping the new year is flu-free as well.

  3. Boo to the sick. I went to Care Now yesterday for an upper resp infection. But mine at least held off until Sunday night. What a crappy way to spend Christmas. Hope you're feeling better quickly.

    And the kids are wonderful. So spiffy. :)

  4. Blessed Christmas, Aimee. The picture was great! I agree with you. 3 out of 6 is pretty darn good. Are you feeling better yet? I truly hope so. We all have the stomach flu now, so I really sympathize.

  5. I sympathize, sweet sister, as I didn't even make it up to your home on Christmas. I was sorely disappointed in getting the flu Christmas Eve.

    But here's to us feeling back to 100% (or as close as we get) soon, and a great new year for us and ours!


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