Wednesday, December 28, 2011

By The Way . . .

this is what became of all that butter:

Traditional Shortbread, from my Scottish shortbread mold.

Sugar cut-out cookies with gold sugar

Pecan tassies.  Not really a cookie, but a tartlet.  Either way, I can't quit them.

Red raspberry thumbprints.  I know they are just called Jam Thumbprints, but we only like them with red raspberry jam.

Homemade cookie tray for Rob's office.  In addition to the above cookies, I tucked in some chocolate chip, chocolate peanut butter chip cookies, and assorted chocolate pretzel treats.  

Thanks for asking after our health, my friends.  I am feeling much better, with only a few days of fevers with chills and muscle aches.  Rob thinks I picked up some kind of flu-like virus rather than the real flu, since I got the flu shot this year and my illness was rather short for the flu.

After the past few days, I will thank the real flu to keep its distance.  Its cousin is ornery enough.

The kids all have varying degrees of the same upper respiratory infection, with poor Baby being the worst off.  Her tiny little airways and newbie immune system are no match for it and she is suffering with lots of coughing, chapped cheeks, and a very red nose.  And still, her little happy soul struggles to come through.
What a sad little dear.

Come on 2012, we need a little change around here, I think.


  1. Oh my. Yum! What beautiful cookies you make, my dear.

    I had that flu cousin after my vein surgery (I suspect he came home from the hospital) and you're right -- he's ornery!

  2. sorry to hear about Baby (but gald you are recovering, not that it makes the young un's any better).

    What sorts of things do you do for the wee bairns when they're fighting colds?

  3. If I lived closer, I would brave the threat of infection & knock on your door to beg for a taste of those yummy treats!
    Hope littlest miss is feeling better soon, as well as your family overall.
    I am definitely ready for a positive change in 2012 b/c the past couple months of '11 have been rather tough!
    Here's to good health all around :)

  4. You are a beautiful baker! Glad you're feeling better. I had a cold over Christmas and lost my voice...which in turn became Phil's Christmas present ;)

  5. I want to work in Rob's office. ;) I'm glad you are feeling better. So sorry all the kids are sick. I've had the flu the last three years I think. With the shot and without the shot, and it has been miserable every time. Somehow my kids don't get it. Thankfully. Hope everyone is well soon!

  6. Anonymous2:47 PM

    I think what we had was indeed a flu virus. There are so many different ones (always mutating) and we seem to get the ones which are not on "the list" for the vaccine manufacturers. I did get my flu shot, though (only because it was free) so I hope it will be effective against the rest of the flu bugs I come in contact with this season. This week was a blur...looking forward to 2012.


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