Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Limping Along

Our computer is dying a slow and annoying death.  It is very old . . . ancient even, when considered by technology's standards. 

Over the past few months, several key components have either not been working or working only in a limited capacity.  There are certain files I can't open, I have limited success with uploading pictures and video, and when added to a host of other little problems I end up with a big headache.

But now I think I've reached the last straw.  Now I can't comment on certain blogs.  And they are some of my favorite ones.  The horror! 

This is one situation where it can honestly be said, "it's not you, it's me!" and I'm still reading, even if I can't comment.  

We are looking at new computers, and hopefully I'll be able to start offering my two cents again soon.  (Is that a blessing or a curse?!)

Until then, here is a picture of Baby.  I feel almost as disgruntled as she does when I make her wear the mouse hat.

(Full disclosure:  Between the uploading and all the other issues, it took me 40 minutes to write this post.  Crazy.) 

The hat, Mom? Seriously?


  1. She is not a fan, clearly. But I love it! Hope you get a new computer soon. I miss your comments!

  2. Ha! That looks like exactly what she would be saying if she could talk. Sorry about the computer problems. It is so frustrating when they don't work like they are supposed to.

  3. She looks so much like your other kids. We just got a Mac and LOVE it. More expensive, but we're hoping that with no viruses it will last longer. Plus, we got a teacher deal, and get to pay it off real slow bc Best Buy was offering 18 months, no interest.

  4. I love the hat! She's so cute :) Hope your computer woes are all fixed soon.


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