Thursday, September 01, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

So I've been known to blog here from time to time.   You would never guess that, though, from the way I've been posting lately.  Or not-posting, as the case may be.

I would love to write a long cleansing post about the rigors, both real and self-inflicted, of this long summer.  But now is not the time.  The words aren't ready and I am exhausted today.  Lots of wakeful children last night lead to a sleepy mommy. 

So instead I will get back in the saddle with the ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter and a {pretty, happy, funny, real} treatment of the first day of school. 

The kids were supposed to start school on Monday, but thanks to an unwelcome guest named Irene, their opening day was pushed back to Tuesday.   I think I was more put out than the children, although Sally did cry when she found out that their first day was cancelled. 

But come Tuesday morning, they were all smiles and ready to go.

{funny, real}

This picture puts me in mind of "The Sound of Music" for some reason, even though there are only three of them here and they are not singing in beautiful harmony.  Maybe it's the way they are lined up.  It also reminds me that half of my children are now in school.  *sniff*

{pretty, happy}

Francie got her hair cut a few days before school, and we are both fans of the new 'do.  Her hair is so thick and heavy, and she is really not a "hair" girl.  I usually have to beg her to brush it thoroughly.  Now it is a breeze to wash and style.

{happy, real}

Speaking of hair, Fiver has some crazy hair of his own.  No matter the cut or the amount of combing, Fiver always manages to look like he just lifted his head off his pillow.  I don't know if he could possibly be more unconcerned about it.


Sally can barely contain her excitement.  For a child who was adamantly opposed any kind of preschool program in favor of staying home with me, she has been chomping at the bit to start kindergarten.


Mopsy was not especially happy to watch her big kids walk out the door to school.  As much as the big kids need to adjust to a new school year, the little ones back at home are feeling the growing pains as well.  


  1. Lily is really missing her siblings (and consequently making me crazy). And Mopsy is so big! How did that happen?

  2. What great "first" day photos! Sally and Fiver are ADORABLE! And Francie looks mature but not too done up with her new 'do! It's very flattering!

  3. Oh, Mopsy can really work that "sulky lip," can't she! Little Brother has the same hair woes. And I can't get him a buzz cut again, because he needs a longer style for the play he's in this month. I hope school pictures will happen in October, after a decent haircut!

  4. Aimee, buy some clippers and buzz Fiver's head. Voila! Instant easy no mess hair-do. And maybe it's the only way I know how to cut hair. Good thing I bring Maggie to a salon ;)

    I'd say with six kids, blogging once a month is pretty good :)

  5. When I first read this post, early this morning, I hadn't had a lot of coffee. I thought to myself, "Gosh, I hope that their unwanted guest named Irene doesn't read this post. She would feel bad." But then, I realized my mistake! We live in Kansas, so hurricanes aren't a problem, but sometimes tornadoes. Glad school resumed quickly.--Bethanne

  6. Awww, first day pics! Love them. Please tell Francie I love her new hair style :) Adjustments are occurring in our household as well. So far, fairly smooth :)

  7. Anonymous2:37 AM

    Sally is in kindergarten?! Oh, how can that be? You make beautiful children. Love those pics.

  8. awesome shots! loved your kids guest starring over at jane's blog too.

    so, is this the first year of the new combined school thing? will we hear more about how that's going? (when you have energy, time, etc)



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