Thursday, September 08, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}: the little girls edition

Joining up with the ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter for my weekly pictorial . . .

Sometimes I feel badly for my little girls because it's relatively easy for them to get lost in the shuffle of a big family.   It doesn't happen with Rob or myself, thankfully, but many times the two little girls kind of blend into one "baby" persona for those outside of our family.  

I have lost count of the number of times I have heard something like . . . "oh, you know, the little one.  What's her name?" or  "Oh that's right! I forgot about Mopsy!" or  "Am I missing one of the little ones?  I just can't keep track of all your kids."

Luckily, keeping track of them is my job, and I obviously don't expect my circle of people to be as up-to-date on my children as I am.  Still . . . I just cringe a little inside when I hear people joke about them being all lumped together.  

I know I spend all day with them, but they are so incredibly different that I never lump them all together.  Call them by each other's name?  Heck yeah.  But forget about them as people?  Not once.

These little girls are where it's at.

{pretty, happy}

Mopsy is just a tiny little thing.  Her brother started calling her "Tiny E" (her real first initial) and the name has stuck,  but boy is she tough.  Once she has her mind set on something, watch out! Also, I know I am biased, but I think she's just about the prettiest little 17 month old I know. 

{funny, real}

This is Baby's elf ear.  The cartilage has been that way since birth, and it's only on her right ear.  I just love it.

{funny, happy}

Baby has been busy discovering her hands.  She loves to suck on her thumb to fall asleep, but when she is awake she loves to stare at her fist and wave it in front of her face.  I like to imagine what is going through her mind when she does that:  "If I had better gross motor control, I could run this place!"


  1. Aw...little girls! With them being so close in age, one thing I am wondering is if you will get the "twin effect". Michael and Liam function alot like twins. Sometimes they even refer to themselves collectively--eg. "We want that for snack". It's partially our fault, they've done pretty much EVERYTHING together. Liam is having a tough time with the fact that he can't be in Kindergarten with Michael. Two VERY different personalities but they are best buddies...I'm thinking (and hoping!) it might be the same with your two youngest girls :)

  2. GeeGee2:38 PM

    Our little girls are just so precious,aren't they? Even at their young age, we can see how different they are. I believe they will be best buddies,especially when Bun joins the ranks of the older kids and goes off to school next year. And I think Baby will catch up to Tiny E in two years so they may resemble fraternal twins in that they'll be the same size! No matter what, we love them all...each one adorably unique and wonderful...

  3. So cute! I wish I could just squeeze baby girl. And I had to laugh at "Tiny E" because that is a nickname sometimes given to Elvis Andrus, starting shortstop for my Texas Rangers. ;)

  4. The pictures of your daughter is just adorable. I just started blogging and am looking forwad to meeting great family oriented people. :)


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