Thursday, July 14, 2011

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Whenever anyone apologizes for being away from their blog for a while, I always think to myself "well, it's their blog, they can write when they want.  It's better to live life well and not blog, than to be a slave to a blog post schedule."

But then I get pulled away from my blog, and I feel like apologizing, so I guess I understand the urge.

I won't apologize this time - even if I want to - but I will just say that I have been busy living.  I have absolutely nothing concrete to show for that other than the fact that we are all still alive and relatively happy. 

I feel like I've done nothing this summer but feed babies, carry babies, change babies, break up fights among babies (and big kids), soothe babies, rock babies, and beg!beg!beg! babies to sleep.  It's not exciting enough to blog about most days, but it's important to the babies so that makes it important to me.  

If there is any blessing to having babies a year apart (and I am discovering that there are indeed many blessings), it's this:  
On those hard, hard days and nights, when Baby consumes every second of my time leaving no time for anything else, I look for Mopsy.  And when I find her, I think "One year. That's it.  I was in the same place with Mopsy one year ago and now look at her."

Man, that time is flyin'.

The more I look at this picture, the happier I get - and I don't even know who took it!
I love that Bun is front and center, wearing his favorite shirt, while Rob and I, holding Mopsy and Baby, are waiting for him at the front door.  It's the kind of picture that I imagine Bun showing to his own family someday, saying "That's the old house where I grew up."


I love this -- Daddy is asleep and Baby is wide awake. 


The chins! The Mona Lisa smile! The cheeks! 
They keep me going when the going gets tough.


Here's another reason for me to keep having babies - Barbara's baby quilts!  She made one for Mopsy's arrival and this year I received a lovely pink box with one for Baby.   They are really beautiful and I use them all the time.  And I know I'm a bum about the thank-you notes, but one is coming for you, Barbara!  

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  1. Hey caring for babies (and big kids and hubby!) is a super important job, so you have definitely been working this summer!

    Also, I took that photo of Bun when I was leaving your house one day and he ran to the edge of the driveway yelling, "Juju, Juju! Bye Juju!" I love it too!!


  2. Oh I love her cheeks and smile and all of it. I just scanned a bunch of photos in today from when my big kids were little ones. I am planning to post a slew of them tomorrow, so come look and smile and get a glimpse of the joy of closely-spaced children.

  3. You are sweet, and a Thank You is not necessary.

    You are in my thoughts a lot lately. I'm sure there are things you would rather be doing this summer (sleeping!) but you are a good mama! Wish I could bring over dinner and change a few diapers. ;-)

  4. Our kids are close in ages! Too bad we don't live closer...your kids are cute! And I would sooo have more babies for quilts that pretty! Plus, I like babies. :)

  5. Your house sounds a lot like my house right now :) !! I hope you continue to enjoy life with your little ones!!


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