Thursday, April 14, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life.

Do you read Like Mother, Like Daughter? Oh, you really should. It is such a good blog, written by mothers and daughters, and filled with such interesting, helpful, and uplifting content.

The posts on 12 year old daughters and competence vs. perfectionism alone completely changed my attitude on several things I've been struggling with around here. So good.

Anyway, LMLD has started a little Thursday link-up called {pretty, happy, funny, real} and since I am short on time today -- I should be squishing meatloaf as I type! -- I thought I'd post my pictures and skedaddle.

(My pictures are not in the proper order, but I don't have time to wrestle with Blogger, so I am choosing competence over perfectionism.)

Hope you are having a lovely day, my friends.


As in real big. And I still have five weeks to go. Oh baby.


All it takes is a little Vitamin D, the old-fashioned way.


Her concentration on calling someone - anyone! - cracks me up.


Our daffodils finally decided to show their flowers after a long winter.


  1. I love Leila's writings also. Her kitchen posts changed my mind and my attitude about many things in my home.

    Great pics!

  2. That was a good one -- and you look GREAT! Honest Injun (whoops, I guess that's not PC).

  3. What a beautiful picture of you and the little one :) I wish I had the forethought to have taken more pictures during both of my pregnancies. You look wonderful!

  4. I love this link up and I'm going to try it too!! Great pix!

  5. Thanks for the kind words! I love your pics -- it makes me happy that so many have daffodils, because they are a fave of mine!
    And those faces crack me up...and "as in real big!" haha -- well done.

  6. You are such a cute prego! I wish we were real life friends... and we're not even online friends. I just lurk and evidently leave creepy comments...

  7. You are soooooo pro-life :) Heehee that's what my pastor told me when I was HUGELY pregnant with my third! But you're all belly, you look awesome.

    And love the smiley boy - what a doll!

  8. These seems like such a fun meme, especially with all your pictures!! You are gorgeous right now Amy! Makes me hope to look just like you when I reach that stage of my pregnancy :)

  9. Oh, so beautiful! Like a ship in full sail...I'll add you to my list of pregnant women to pray for. A blessed Easter to you and yours!


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