Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Fifth Time's A Charm

Rob's gene dominance is a running joke in our family. Whenever we welcome a new family member, we often hear, "well, he/she looks just like the others. You can always tell a HomeFront baby!"

That's because they all look like Rob. Especially Francie and Bun. In fact, if I hadn't gestated and birthed him, I would swear Bun sprang fully formed from Rob's head, a la Athena and Zeus.

Looking at Bun is like taking a ride in a time machine to Rob's childhood -- especially for my mother-in-law. The only concession I seem to have gotten from genetics is Bun's eye color. Once blue like his father's, they have been steadily changing to green. Fingers crossed they keep on going.

Since I tend to be partial to Rob, I've never had any problem with the children looking like his side of the family. I just figured that was the genetic default setting for our kids.

So imagine my delight when we realized that Mopsy was actually looking a little bit like me. Whee, how novel and fun!!

There are definite differences to be sure. He build is slighter than mine as a baby--she's far more delicate. And her hair is totally different. She has lovely, fine reddish gold hair that is straight as a pin. At her age, mine was dark brown, curly, and I'd already had a few haircuts.

She is not my mini-me, as Bun is for Rob, but she's the closest I've gotten so far. And luckily my mom brought me some old pictures for comparison. At least she looks like I had a hand in more than just being her room and board for nine months.


(And be sure to enjoy the awesome late '70s pattern on my parents bedspread in the first picture. One of my favorite things about old photos is seeing how all the clothes and decor have changed over the years.)


  1. Love it! You can definitely claim her...if not for anything but the lips! So precious...maybe you just needed a little time to warm up and this next one will be your mini me!

  2. GeeGee9:37 AM

    love my beautiful babies...

  3. 5 Am post? You're up early!

    It didn't occur to me before how much Mopsy looks like you, but there is no denying it. I always thought that Fiver looked like your family, though.

  4. Oh yes, she's yours!

    It's funny, all my kids look more like my side, except Andrew. And I am hoping this next one looks like him...I guess I just love the "look" of my husband :)

    Good thing you married a handsome man, huh? :)

  5. lol - Ame, this sucker's on auto-publish. I was not awake at 5, nor do I plan to be until #6 arrives. ;)

  6. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Oh, so cute! I just love baby cheeks.

  7. Oh, she definitely looks like you. Maybe this is where I went wrong. All 3 of my kids look like my husband. (And there is no more equipment to produce any more in the hopes that I get an Irish child the next time, LOL!)

  8. Love seeing your baby pictures! What fun! And I know exactly what you mean about the kids looking like dad--most of mine look just like Travis. Lily favors me pretty strongly though. So yes, fifth time's a charm!

  9. Love the comparison shots! She does look like you and she is such a cutie pie! Maybe Mopsy turned the tide and #6 will follow this new trend ?

  10. Cute, cute pics -- both of you!

  11. Someone once told me that newborns tend to look more like their fathers as some sort of survival mechanism. The idea is that if the baby looks like dad, dad is more likely to feel a bond with the baby. I'm really not sure there's any truth to it, but I try to put that thought in my head any time I start feeling jealous that my son looks like daddy.


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