Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is There An App For That? You Better Believe It.

Okay, not to beat a dead horse, but we are all still under the spell of the new iPod.

If that makes us seem like the Beverly Hillbillies in this day of iPads and other, cooler gadgets, then you can just call me Elly May. (Although I probably relate better to Granny. Just sayin'.)

We've been taking our time looking through all kinds of apps, so thank you for all the good suggestions in the last post. I've seen some nice Catholic apps, we've been wading through the games/kids apps, and Rob has gotten some really useful medical apps.

Thanks to the school holiday on Monday (which was expected) and the snow/ice day off today (which was not expected. At least by me. Oh Mother Nature, you minx.), the kids and I have had more time to investigate than we normally would.

In other words, we wasted a lot of time at the iTunes store, but it was fun to see all the crazy things we can do with a device that fits in the palm of my hand.

I knew my iPod would become more of the family iPod, but I still think it's nuts to see Bun sitting there watching an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine, beamed right into his hand by Netflix.

(I don't know if "beamed" is the correct terminology, but I admit that I still really don't understand how fax machines work. I maintain that things get beamed right to us.)

Some of our favorite apps? Well, Francie is enjoying Fruit Ninja because she is crazy good at it. Fiver has fallen into the ranks of the Angry Birds devotees, and Sally likes Bejeweled Blitz ("because I just love sparkly DIAMONDS, Mama").

We found a cool speech therapy app for Bun (thanks for the tip, Domestic Accident!), but it is infinitely more amusing to watch him cheer on his brother while he plays Angry Birds. Especially because Bun can perfectly mimic the pigs.

Now if they could just come up with something that would grocery shop for me during the winter months, I'd pay handsomely.


  1. Grocery shopping app? Yes please!! And maybe a laundry app while we're at it :)

  2. Oh my goodness--your fax machine aside was taken from my own brain! Seriously, I don't understand most technology anyway, but fax machines are a true mystery to me. And fireworks. So much science happening there.

    I am also still discovering the apps that are out there for my new ninja phone. I let Lily play Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds. I am going to get iWriteWords or something like that too. I'm playing chess and Words With Friends. I love Instagram for pictures (free and has cool filters and easy sharing). And I'm absurdly obsessed with weather, so I have the weather channel app.

    And you can bet I'll be getting MLB At Bat 2011 when it is available.

  3. You are NOT going to tell Little Brother that you let your kids touch your iPod, right??? I figure he has a Game Boy, this is mine.

  4. Ooh, I've been away for too long! How did I miss all this!? I loooooove my iPod Touch! I love the apps, I love the streaming video, the stored video, the music, the calendars, the EVERYTHING. LOVE it. Love, love, love it. Enjoy!


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