Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Girl and Her Toy

Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes yesterday, my friends!
My day was typical one - full of school and meal prep and clean-up and diaper changes and after school activities - but it was an incredibly sweet one as well. The kids who live here are pretty swell and I just love the stuffing out of them.

My husband is also an awesome guy, and not just because he got me this:

Mopsy and I were having a little fun with the camera feature on my new iPod Touch this afternoon, and all day I've been stealing moments from housework to play around with different features.

So now I need some advice, my friends. If you have a Touch or an iPhone or whathaveyou, what are your favorite features/apps?

The kids have been not-so-subtlely hinting around at things they'd like to see on the Touch, but I'd like to know what's worth the money. I'm also interested in any Catholic apps that are available. I'd love to get readings and prayers on there.

What say you?

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to continue my inner struggle about whether or not I should succumb to the phenomenon that is Angry Birds.


  1. Angry Birds is awesome. We also love Plants Vs Zombies, Cut the Rope, and Doodlejump. I am a big fan of Bejeweled. Have fun - the apps are awesome!

  2. Wow...two days in a row posting, IMPRESSIVE! As for apps, I do have an Iphone but do not use it to its fullest potential. My kids beg me constantly to add apps but than they constantly beg for my phone to play them. Therefore, I don't add them so I don't have to give them my phone! Have fun playing!

  3. Sweet gift!

    I'm still discovering more apps as I go and I've had my Touch for a year now. Rarely do I buy apps and instead try to stick with the FREE ones or .99 at most. There have maybe been two that I've purchases for $2.00. I'm cheap that way.
    A few of my favs:
    Betty Crocker Cookbook
    Doodle Bowl
    What to Expect Pregnancy

    Catholic ones I either have or have heard of:
    Morning prayer (audio liturgy of the hours)

    My kids favs:

    And my daughter likes anything that involves dressing up 'people' and food maker type ones (Cupcake Maker, Cookie Maker, etc.)

    Enjoy finding the right apps for you...there are a TON out there!

  4. I am getting an iPhone this month! Yippee! I love Fruit Ninja, it is somehow very soothing to slice through the fruit. And Bun could easily play it, as LCS has mastered it on my MIL's phone. Of course you need Words With Friends so we can play when I get my ninja phone. ;) And there are tons of Mass reading ones I think. You do all the research and then tell me what I need. ;)

  5. My hands down favorite app is the kindle reader app. It allows you download books to read on the go. I have yet to pay for any books because Amazon has tons of free books - Christian ones too. I also have used the free Bible app. It took me a few months to figure out that I actually needed to download the version I wanted to read when I wasn't connected to the web. I would second Fruit Ninja & Angry Birds. My kids love them all. My husband downloaded several things for me including a touch piano. Bun might like that =)

  6. If you want Liturgy of the Hours, then "Divine Office" and "iBreviaryPro" are both good. The second one also contains daily Mass readings.
    "iPieta" is a paid app, well worth it, with tons of prayers, spiritual books and all kinds of info!
    Saint a Day is good.
    iMissal is one I just got and it has Mass readings, calendar, daily Bible verses and prayers.
    I like to use Springpad (free) for saving all kinds of notes, recipes & whatnot from the web. Next time I open it on my iTouch, it's all right there. Great for those recipes when I don't want to haul the laptop into the kitchen!
    HomeRoutine (99 cents) is a "fly lady" check-off type program. You can customize for your household.

    Oh, and if you're not using it at the moment, be sure to switch to airplane mode. Keeping the wireless on all the time really drains the battery!

  7. I'm going to have to check out home routine.

    Pioneer Woman has an app. She just gets cooler and cooler. Ebay and Craigslistpro for the frugalista in you. Amazon, too, but beware the one click. Scary easy to buy. My kids play Math Bingo, Math Train, Checkers, and ABC cursive. Angry Birds goes without saying, right? Is Bun still doing speech tx cuz there are some pretty cool speech apps, too. I use them with my adult patients all the time.


    Lookie what I found. And that's random surfing- I don't have an iphone nor did I try to impress you with a whole article written JUST for good catholics like you ;)

    but you can be impressed anyway...


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