Sunday, July 04, 2010

Let Freedom Ring!

Go out and get your America on, people -- eat some apple pie, wave a flag, watch some fireworks, sing the Star Spangled Banner, thank a soldier/sailor/marine/airman, and then thank God that we live where we do.

Happy Fourth of July, my friends!


  1. Amen! (Hymns in church this morning near moved me to tears!)

    God Bless America, indeed. Have a happy, happy Fourthe!

  2. GeeGee9:22 PM

    I love my Yankee Doodle Boys (and Girls!)and I thank God for my country and all my friends and family...

  3. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Love love love the pic!!!! Hope you had a great 4th!
    Mirabella MOM

  4. I love this picture- it is so great! But just one question- how is that little baby so big already?!


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