Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Berry Good Day

Today was the perfect example of everything I missed about Pennsylvania when we lived in other, more southern parts of the country.

See, in Pennsylvania you have the distinct chance of weathering days and days of withering heat and oppressive humidity, only to wake up one morning and find it tantalizingly cool. The rest of the day will be sunny, but not humid, and breezy, with deep blue skies dotted with puffy white clouds. And the temperature will top out at 75. Nice.

As opposed to BLAST FURNACE, which seems to be the default setting for southern summers.

(And I am not knocking the south, I'm just saying that it is dang HOT below the Mason Dixon in the summer. But come and see me in February and I bet you'll find me begging to take a little drive south.)

I popped outside to put something in the car, and I knew right away that we must spend a significant amount of time out of the house. So I took the kids to our local zoo for a surprise picnic, and we had a ball.

Of course, in my haste to pack lunches, change diapers, send everyone to the bathroom to "just TRY!", feed the infant, and corral the toddler, and still manage to leave the house before 3 pm, I forgot the camera.

Ah well, something's gotta give, and I'm just glad it wasn't the lunches. There is nothing that makes my children hungrier than leaving our home. Except going to someone else's house. My children would make great hobos.

Upon our return, we were treated to two big buckets of fresh blueberries, picked and delivered by my mother. While my mom and I sorted out batches of berries to be frozen or used immediately, Sally just stood at the counter shoveling berries into her mouth. I can't blame her, they are so good.

Happily, the forecast calls for a few more days like today. This summer is turning out to be delicious, my friends.


  1. Someone has some blue poop to look forward to! Ours won't be ready for a few more weeks, but we have a bumper crop this year.

    Hope the finger is doing better.


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