Tuesday, May 18, 2010


She was born in 1930, the sixth of thirteen children of a Protestant coal miner with one lung and his devout Catholic wife.

She arrived several months premature, before any neonatal intensive care units equipped for babies like her.

She fit in a shoe box and the doctor filled out her death certificate, but she had a lot of fight in her.

She ate ketchup sandwiches and she was often so hungry that she would spend her nickel for lunch on a candy bar on the way to school. Sometimes it was the only thing she ate all day.

She weighed ninety pounds when she married a very handsome, very good man.

She was pregnant when he shipped off to Korea with the Army, and she lived with his parents, who spoke no English.

She taught her baby girl to kiss her daddy's picture every night, so that he wouldn't be a stranger when he came home.

After he came home, she had seven more children, bringing the total to eight children in ten years.
Now she is a grandmother and great-grandmother many, many times over.
Francie, Fiver, Sally, Bun, and Mopsy are five of those great-grandchildren.

Her name is Marie, she is my grandmother, and she is eighty today.
Happy Birthday, Granny.


  1. God Bless her!! Happy birthday!!

  2. God Bless Granny! Have a very Happy Birthday!

  3. Aww. My mom was born in 1930 too.
    Ketchup sandwiches....
    Happy Birthday!

  4. You and your kids are SO blessed to have a loving Granny! Hope she has a happy birthday and many happy, healthy years.

  5. Wow, it's amazing how easy we have it today, and we still find reasons to complain. God Bless her and your whole family!!

  6. Great story. Happy Birthday, grandma! You are so lucky to have your grandma nearby.

    My grandma always told us that my grandfather was placed in a shoe box when he was born premature. She says, "They put him by the fire and said 'Maybe he will; maybe he won't.'" Love those old stories!

  7. what a lovely tribute to your grandmother Marie.

  8. Marguerite10:54 AM

    Happy Birthday Granny-love Veronica Lake

  9. What a blessing! Hope she had a great day!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful lady with lots of interesting stories! Happy Birthday Granny!

  11. Happy Birthday Granny!!!!!!!!! LOVE Her!


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