Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today ... March 2

Outside my window ... cloudy, but not terribly cold. In fact, I can see patches of grass in the yard and it smells almost Spring-y. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking since we're supposed to get snow showers this weekend.

I am thinking ... that I need to slow down now. Actually, my body is outright telling me that I need to slow down. I keep having little contractions here and there (nothing major) and I am always out of breath. Plus, my blood pressure was a little high at my doctor appointment yesterday. Not dangerously high, but higher than normal for me. I need to drink more water and park it a little more often. There is a whole lot of nesting that won't get done before the baby comes, but I feel surprisingly unconcerned about it all.

I am thankful for ... multiple offers of help from my friends. Even if I can't take them up on it right away, I know that there are people out there who are ready to lend me a hand. Or two.

From the kitchen ... hot tea, and lots of it. The kids have passed their head cold on to me and my sinuses are raging.

I am wearing ... my beloved maternity yoga pants (which are distressingly more snug each time I wear them) and a striped shirt.

I am going ... to the doctor every week now. And not too many more places other than that.

I am reading ... "A Fatal Waltz", by Tasha Alexander. This is part of a series of books that involve a Victorian era sleuth named Lady Emily Ashton. So far, it's very entertaining.

I am hoping ... to get Sally's dresser cleaned out and organized this week since she has to share a couple of her drawers with the baby.

I am hearing ... the silence of nap time
On my mind ... I should get a little of that nap time action for myself.

Around the house ... things are in disarray. I just can't seem to keep up the pace these days, but I know it's just a slow season for me. The junk will still be waiting for me after the baby is born.

One of my favorite things ... baby hiccups from the inside.

A picture thought ...

An outtake from the baby pool pictures. This is an "aerial" shot of the belly, and just let me put this out there: I am standing on a completely obscured area rug. Oy.

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  1. I loved the baby hiccups... :)

  2. I LOVE the belly picture. You definitely need to take it easy. You are about to be the mommy of five, take a time out!

  3. nap silence and springy smells- enjoy them both! The belly picture is wonderful :)


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