Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year . . .

Guess what my friendly neighborhood UPS man brought today?

Our family Christmas cards! All 125 of them . . . whee!

Oh yeah, we totally GO THERE with all the Christmas cards and accoutrement. This is when we really walk the walk of our family motto of Go Big Or Go Home.

Thanks to the ever-lovely Shutterfly, I got them discounted and with free shipping. And this shout-out was not prompted or compensated by Shutterfly -- I just dig their site.

Plus, and this is a biggie in my book, I avoided the hassle and/or embarrassment of having to procure a photo with all four children that doesn't involve one of them trying to maim another.

Instead, I picked a nice little head shot of each child and created our card, all while sipping coffee and listening to some Advent tunes. It takes the stress out of HAVING to get that PERFECT family Christmas shot.

(And in my experience, when the stress is gone, that's when my kids all sit together like the Von Trapps, steeped in familial harmony. Fingers crossed this year, my friends!)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with my favorite pens (there are three necessary for proper card signing and addressing). Oh be still, my office-supply addicted heart!


  1. Wow, you put my paltry few cards we send out to shame. However, my hand won't be nearly as sore as yours! Enjoy the date with your office supplies!

  2. I have to get "on" this.
    You have inspired me.

  3. ummm .. maybe I should get started on this? I haven't even thought about ordering anything yet :(

  4. Wow, that's a lot of cards and a lot of pens LOL. I already sent mine out, only 40 some. I'm very bad when I sign cards, I just put Merry Christmas and Happy New Year on it. I do send the dreaded newsletter but only to about 11 or so people. Hope you can still do something after signing all those cards.

  5. Oh, and I forgot. I just print out labels LOL.

  6. I use Shutterfly for our cards too, but we only get 50 of them. Our family's not as big as yours. This year, we made photo books for the grandparents. They turned out GREAT! And we got them 30% off, free shipping and $25 off the order! I did the dance of joy when I finally placed the order!!!

  7. Gosh. I still haven't done anything about this. But, I think we are waiting to mail ours out until after I have a sonogram on 12/17 b/c we just might find out what we're having this time. At least that's my excuse.


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