Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans Day

To one of my very favorite veterans:

The dress blues (which are really black) look great subbing for a tuxedo.

The dress whites really are white. And you've never seen a man eat as carefully as when he is wearing all white and a choker collar.

The Navy Ball is so much fun.

Me (hugely pregnant with Fiver) pinning on Rob's collar devices at his promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

To all the veterans who have served our country (and I'm looking at you too, Dad!), The HomeFront says:

Thank you!


  1. We non-military families thank you military families for all of your sacrifices (that means spouses and children receive our appreciation too).

  2. Thank you to Rob and all those who are serving and have served our country!

  3. Huge thanks to all the men and women who serve our country and their families who support them! I am so grateful to our military and keep them in my prayers!!!

  4. You must be very proud! Thanks to all our veterans!

  5. Thank you Rob and ALL the Veterans for all the sacrifices you and your family has made for us!

  6. Happy Veterans Day! And thank you.

  7. Thanks to all the veterans!


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