Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Apple Dumplings

Even our picky eater is powerless to resist the apples.

First bite . . . .

a little bit tart

Fiver Appleseed

Ripe for the picking

On the lookout for apples

Chief Mischief-Maker

The giant stump at GeeGee and Pop's

Here at The HomeFront, Columbus Day equals apple picking.
We divert our employees' energies from video games to a more productive form of manual labor. We get them outside, among the trees at the orchard near my parents' home. We pick buckets of apples, minus a few that get eaten on the way back down the trail. (Those buckets get heavy, my friends, and sometimes you need to lighten the load.)

We use the apples for eating, for saucing, for dumpling, for muffining, for crisping -- basically for whatever we can dream up. It really is my favorite part of autumn.

Yesterday morning was chilly, but we went out to the orchard anyway. What's that old saying? Time and apples wait for no man? Hmm, something like that . . .

Now I just need to actually make something with all these apples before we eat them all, dipping them one by one into caramel.

It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.


  1. MMMM, wish we had an orchard close by, sounds delicious and the kids don't look like the minded the cold too much!

  2. So Francie may not realize it, or even appreciate it, but she has such a classic look about her. Looking at pictures of her is like looking at pictures of women in the early part of this century, only in color. She seems to have such an elegance and class about her.

    If you make apple pie, I fully expect to receive one in the mail. :)

  3. The outing was much fun, despite the chilly weather. So glad y'all came down and joined me and Gee-Gee on our annual Columbus Day apple picking adventures. Plus we got good food and good apple cider out of it!


  4. We apple picked back in September and Pumpkin picked yesterday. I agree - this is the best part of Fall :)

  5. mmm... now I want to make apple dumplings... I made some during Musikfest and they were very yummy!

  6. Delicious!

    Love the "little bit tart" picture, and Fiver's toothless appleseed one too. Actually, they're ALL cute.

  7. That IS one giant stump. And thanks for the reminder that I need to get me to an orchard.

  8. GeeGee9:36 AM

    Apple-picking with my angels (little and big)...what a wonderful day! this is what life is all about for me! thanks for the memories....

  9. We did the same thing this past weekend. There are few natural treats sweeter than freshly picked juicy apples in the fresh crisp autumn air. Squirt even cooperated by napping through the whole thing.

  10. I am absolutely smitten with Bun's hair. Those sweet little curly locks! All of your children are just gorgeous.

  11. mmmm... i made apple dumplings with some of the apples "GeeGee" had from the apple picking trip


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