Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby on Board

The burgeoning belly, as seen from above.

This is my regular view of Numero Cinco, and although it seems as if I've already lost visual contact with my feet, it is an optical illusion. I can still see and reach my feet just fine.

For now.


  1. I think you look fantastic! And I cannot wait for Numero Cinco...btw, what will Numero Cinco's name be on the blog? Or will you just leave it as Numero Cinco, a la Chad Ochocinco of the Bengals? You know, Numero Cinco is kinda catchy....

    Love, Juju

  2. Love it! Yea for a baby bump!

  3. Looks like the water on the shore! :)



  4. Looking good!

    Juju, I was thinking the same thing and will Bun continue to be called Bun since:
    A. He has been out of the oven for quite a while.
    B. There is in fact a new Bun in the afforementioned oven.

    What will we call the new baby? Will there be a contest for his/her blog alias (Prize: bragging rights)?

    Stay tuned for answers to these burning questions and more on...The Mother Load.

  5. We also need a blog contest for guessing date and vitals, right??

  6. Congratulations on numero Cinco in utero :-) Love your bump.

  7. Ooh, your cup rest is shaping up nicely!

  8. How cute!! (she says with pangs of jealousy :D)