Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sucker Punch

An exchange between Francie and myself:

Hey Mom, I'll be ten years old in just about a month!

Yes, you will.

That's means I'll be halfway to TWENTY! Cool!

DUDE! Quit harshin' on my ego.

And also, a shameless plug:

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voting closes June 30th


  1. Oooooh double digits, that's gonna be a hard one to take :)

  2. Bella and I were in the mall the other night, and she asked when she was going to get a cell phone. I said 12, just to get her to stop talking about it, but it is plainly obvious that she has filed that away and means to pull it out for that birthday. Oh, and she wanted a pedicure. They grow up way too fast, physically and otherwise.

  3. And I thought 7th birthdays were hard!


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