Friday, April 17, 2009


Today, I passed a man who was driving with one hand on his phone and one hand sticking out of his sunroof.

And that leaves WHICH HAND for driving?!?

I'm thinking that the steering wheel should not be considered a hands-free device.


It's First Holy Communion season! Over the next few weeks, seven of my friends' children will be receiving Our Lord for the first time, and I just realized that all but one of them are boys.

When Francie made her First Holy Communion, it seemed like it was an all girls club. I think it's funny how the genders run in cycles like that.


Can I ask you to pray for a friend of mine who lost her baby granddaughter shortly after the baby's birth? They are devastated by the baby's sudden and unexpected death, so a little prayer for the family's peace and consolation would go a long way. Thank you, my friends.


I think I need a new bathroom scale.

I've been making some changes to my diet and exercise lately, and I've been fairly pleased by my progress so far. Even though Rob has told me that he thinks the scale is off, I continued to use it.

And then I got on the scale this week, and it said I gained FIVE POUNDS during a one week period.

Now, I am quite capable of putting on five pounds in a week, as shameful as that sounds, but I know that is not the case in this situation.

How do I know? Mostly because I have been RUNNING on the treadmill and I have not rewarded my efforts with ANY Easter candy. I have not been this disciplined around chocolate since infancy, people.

Also? All my clothes still fit well, with some of them being a smidge too big. If I had gained five pounds in a week, I doubt my pants would feel loose.

Plus, Rob's weight is wrong, which is the smoking gun.

It feels good to be able to blame the wrong weight on the scale. Legitimately, for once.


Bun has been giving me kisses for a while now. I'll ask him for a kiss, and he will come at me with a big, sloppy baby mouth. Messy, but sweet.

For the past few days, when I've asked for a kiss, he has come at me with the open mouth, and then unexpectedly chomped down on some tender part of my face.

Razor baby teeth + sensitive, normally unbitten facial skin =


Methinks I'll have to get my kisses elsewhere until the teething abates.


I think I have a little family crush on the Duggars. You know, the Family of a Thousand Children.

Okay, not a thousand, just eighteen.

I've caught a few of their specials on TLC, and I've also read interviews with them and excerpts from their book, which I always find more telling and more indicative of personality than the super-edited soundbites which comprise much of what we call "news" programs today. (A whole other subject, don't get me started!)

Here's what I like, and why I think they have captured my attention more than the seventy three other "plus-sized" families that make up TLC programming these days:

They are unapologetic. They happily state that they left their family size to the Lord, and they feel blessed by Him.

Many shows that feature large families make sure to point out that they never planned on having so many kids, it was an accident of fertility treatments, and if they had the option to choose, they would have had only a few kids.

The Duggars respectfully asked God to Bring. It. And He did.

The children are obviously a delight to them. They are cherished, and they know it. They have a warm, loving, safe home, plenty of clothes and food, and more company than you can shake a stick at.

I don't pretend that having eighteen children is the right choice for everyone. In fact, I dare say that it isn't the right choice for many people, myself included.

But for those who feel called, and who are able, emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially, to take care of so many children, then God bless them.


I have nothing for #7. The lameness, it is overwhelming.

And on that note, enjoy the weekend, my friends!


  1. Funny thing. At my last OB appt I was able to blame a weight spike on a broken scale. Not so much luck this time however I am still tracking nicely with a total gain of 20 lbs at 26 weeks. That's awesome when you consider how much I ate over Easter weekend. And the amount of candy, cookies, pie... just typing that makes me hang my head in shame.

    If I fail my glucose test tomorrow at least I'll know why (as T shoves another Peep in her mouth).

  2. Prayers for your friend's family. I can't imagine such pain.

    Little P is getting First Communion in 3 weeks. He's terrified of dropping the host. Scared witless about it. I have no idea where his anxiety comes from.

    I have been running for 2 weeks now in hopes of losing copious amounts of weight before my hs reunion. I can't imagine continuing unless the scale shows some major change. That you are still running in the face of a bad scale is miraculous as far as this couch potato is concerned.

  3. Forgot to add that I am fascinated by the Duggars. Have you seen her discipline the kids? She has toddlers practice "self control" and has them sit in a chair for 10 minutes for no reason at all except for practice. Who could argue with her technique? Those kids are well behaved!

  4. We are very excited for our first First Communion tomorrow!! :)

    We will say a prayer for your friend.

  5. Said a "Hail Mary" for your friend.
    Are you drinking your water? Yes, scale might be off but are ya huh?
    My nephew used to do the open mouth thing...I showed him the more favorable pucker option.

  6. Happy weekend. I'm leaving a comment simply because I can. ;-)

  7. You make me laugh.

    Way to go on the running and eating stuff. I have been a lazy bones jones lately and barely set foot in the gym since the race. Must get back on track next week.

  8. I said a prayer for your friend's family. I cannot even imagine such a loss!

    It is funny how the boy/girl cycles seem to run! I even notice that in the classes I teach, they are almost always heavy on one gender and often if there are lots of boys one year, the next year will be heavy on the girls!

    Way to go on the running. I am hanging my head in shame right now! I have gotten terrible about everythhing from drinking my water to excercising. I sprained my ankle in Jan. and had to lay off for about 6 weeks. I just cannot seem to get back into it. Mostly because if I don't get up and exercise at 5:00 a.m., it just doesn't happen and my body HATES that time of the morning. However, this weeks LEGITIMATE 4 pound gain has knocked some sense into me and I am gonna try to get back on the wagon again this week!

  9. 1 ~ I hate that. It's scary. someone I know drives with his knees and it makes me crazy. Yikes.

    2 ~ I've noticed the same thing. Our parish is running to boys right now, too... What's that all about?

    3 ~ Prayers for the family's grief ~ If she was baptized child, we can pray to her for their consolation; a thought that helps a Catholic family.

    4 ~ Maybe you're gaining muscle?

    5 ~ I love those baby kisses, but oh, the teeth! It's a sweet debate: is the sugar worth the suffering?

    6 ~ I've been drawn to the Duggars for the same reasons. I wish I had their Mama's energy, though. Goodness. It's a gift.

    7 ~ Your six were so good, you didn't need seven. &:O)

  10. I like the Duggars, too. I am amazed by how well-behaved their children are. I have two that I can barely reign in.

    Bubba is a kisser but thankfully not a biter. He has six teeth now (he's way ahead of his sister when she was his age) so he is capable of inflicting some damage, but thankfully he chooses not to. Or hasn't figured out that he can. The only concern with bubba kisses is wiping off the copious amounts of saliva he leaves behind.

    Good to comment again!

  11. It's Holy Communion season at our house too and it's a boy here too.
    Said an Our Father, Holy Mary & Eternal Rest for the baby girl and three Hail Marys for the family. All the best for in the weight loss game... fighting a losing silent battle myself...

  12. Scary about that driver, but I've seen it plenty too.

    I will add that baby's family to my prayers as well. It has happened in my extended family and yes, devastating.

    On the Duggars--I agree. All those other huge families are "multiple" accidents. I like the Duggars' philosophy. But I never get to watch them; their show is on too late at night for me to stay up!


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