Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere. But Not Here.

Since Easter Sunday, I have been spending my days fooling around on the computer or reading, while diligently ignoring all but the most pressing household needs. In the evening, I sit down and watch a mindless show or three, and then I flop into bed with zero plans for the next day.

I am operating on Spring Break Time.

Unfortunately, no one is actually on spring break here. The kids have been back to school since Tuesday, and Rob has been at work every day but Easter Sunday.

Meanwhile, the laundry is piling up and the groceries are not just magically appearing in my refrigerator like I had hoped. And the food is also not appearing fully cooked on my dining room table. What's up with that? Where is the George Jetson food machine when I need it?

Until I can get myself back out of the Easter baskets and into some semblance of a routine, here are a few more Easter pictures. Thank goodness that Easter is a whole season and not just one day. The Church -- She is so smart like that!
Sally's favorite kind of bean. These never saw the light of Easter Tuesday morning.
Bunny candles all in a row

Dyed eggs awaiting deviling.

All he needs now is a briefcase.

My little Francie-flower.

Sally was SO OVER all the family pictures.

But a steady diet of chocolate lollipops sweetened her right up.

A church picture outtake -- Bun cannot resist the charms of of his blankie.


  1. You have accomplished more than have actually transferered your Easter pictures onto your computer. Mine are still locked into the camera until the genius of my oldest son or husband frees them. I love the "outtake" picture. It looks about like what we got.

  2. Easter Dinner was fabulous, thank you so much for hosting us! Also, I really had a lot of fun at the traditional family board gaming afterwards. We really need to do that again soon.

    Love the pictures, and the house was gorgeous...oh and those flowers you got from the store, seriously beautiful!

    Love, Juje

  3. I am living on spring break time too, and ours was a month ago! So if you figure out how to get back into the routine, let me know. Or don't, because I kind of like living on break time. :)

  4. Great pictures of the kids...and I love the captions!

  5. Love the pictures! They are all so pretty and colorful. The kids are adorable and I love the one with the blankie. He's like a mini Linus:)
    I'm a slacker here too. I say "I'm working on the computer" but I'm mostly just fooling around and buying stuff.

  6. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I too am operating on spring break but know that I need to rearrange furniture and finish the cleaning while Tom is away so he can just adjust to the changes when he returns rather than "deal" with the process. BTW- Ayden still walks around with his blankie hanging out of his mouth- it is a germ magnet as it becomes a napkin/tissue when necessary by his standards- totally gross! Good Luck with your "spring break endeavors!"
    Mirabella MOM

  7. A George Jetson machine would be awesome!

    And such darling Easter pictures. I am glad you shared them!

  8. It's the sugar stupor. I've fallen into it, too. It'll take about a week to wear off, provided I can polish off all the candy in the next day or so.


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