Monday, April 27, 2009

Never Say Never

From the I Said I Wouldn't Do It File:

It was 91 degrees today. NINETY STINKIN' ONE.

I swore that I wasn't going to turn on the central air while it was still April, but then the baby's face melted off this afternoon, so I relented and turned it on for a few hours to cool the sweat lodge house.

And there was much rejoicing.


I cast a vote for a contestant on a reality show.


I'm due for a cell phone upgrade and I'm considering getting one with a full QWERTY keyboard so that I can learn to text and maybe even blog from my phone.

Because I don't waste enough time here.


I went to my rosary group meeting straight from my workout, without trying to fix up my hair or makeup.

That's really just cruel to my rosary group.


I'm living on the edge, my friends. What's next? Not flossing before bed?


  1. Wow! 91...what happened to spring? I have the old phone and have no idea how to text but Tigerfan has an Iphone and is a texting pro. He also does all his facebooking through his phone and LOVES it! And finally, I am SO impressed at your willingness to be your true self and go anywhere right after a workout. Of course, I am also just impressed that you worked out. I did too...about a week ago!

  2. Yep...and I once said that I could never live in a rural area--no coffee shops, no second-hand bookstores, no sidewalks on which to window-shop.

    And here I am, chasing the goat back into the pasture and making butter.

    Life is weird sometimes.

  3. sound like GeeGee. She kept saying yesterday how stinkin' hot it was, and I told her this is nothing. I went out and ran/walked in it on the trail. I came back drenched in sweat (because I ran, and I don't do that often...or ever) and GeeGee said, "Oh it's not hot, huh?" and I replied, "'s actually cooler out on the trail than in this house!"

    Anyway...I'm going to look at new cell phones today...with full QWERTY keyboards! I'll come teach you how to text and do gadgety stuff with your new phone when you get it.

    Love...the Juje

  4. We have had our air on for a while. Not because it is all that hot but because we are spoiled and keep our house too cool. And I am getting a new phone with a full keyboard eventually. I want a BlackBerry but I don't know if the budget can handle that.

  5. stop the insanity!

    When you get a phone with a qwerty keyboard, your life will change. you will text all the time because it will be so much easier. Don't forget to up the number of messages allowed per month in your plan b/c what you have now will not be enough.

    Also, we don't have the internet on the phones. W/ our carrier it's pretty expensive and let's face it, I should not be checking my email all the time. I'd never stop working!

  6. I pretty much NEVER go out without make up except at the beach when I have a tan.
    I am ugly without make up.
    I am shallow always.

  7. Honey considered getting me an iPhone so we could have access to maps and such while out and about (hint: don't plan on wandering Boston without a street map or using the T). It would be my phone since I'm the only person that needs to leave the house.

    I asked him if that was really such a good idea. The blog? Twitter? Researching consumer reports before every single purchase right there in the store? Live tweeting and twit pics of the birth of baby #2?

    His eyes got huge and he told me to forget that he ever mentioned it.

  8. I have an iphone and it is the best phone I have every had, they are coming out with some upgrades this June so if you are inclined towards getting one I would wait until Mid-June. On the other hand I recently watched presentation from Palm about their new phone the "Pre" and it looks amazing. Almost an iPhone beater. check it out at

  9. It's hot down here too!

    I am probably spending a fortune on air conditioning now... I won't tell you what the thermostat is set to, just that I have a good excuse because I am PREGNANT and therefore, if the rest of the family is forced to wear their winter coats on in here, I am comfy in a tank top and shorts. ;)

  10. Tee hee! I once said I'd never have kids. okay, more than once. But then I wanted, 12. And here I am, with one!

    Before living in PA, I never knew that it was an option to turn the AC off. Seriously.

  11. I want a blackberry, but I don't need a blackberry. I have a feeling it would cut down on my already low productivity.

    And I have to go with MamaK on this one - the idea of turning an a/c off is mind-boggling to me.

  12. Stupid PA weather.

  13. This made me laugh so hard! Thank you for the mid-afternoon humor! :)

  14. I can't wait to text you...I have UNLIMTED texting and QWERTY, you know! We could be like high schoolers!
    haha :)


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