Sunday, April 26, 2009

Halcyon Days

I've wanted to hop on the old blog for a few days to talk about how much everyone seems to enjoy where they live, but the fact of the matter is that this weekend's weather has strictly forbidden me from spending any time on the computer.


But I am here now, so let me zip through some responses. I'll "hot knife it through butter," as Sr. Cecelia used to say. (Really, she does cry out for her own post someday.)

Val: You know I have a soft spot for P'cola! I was there a few years ago (pre-blog, gasp!), but you never know when I might make it back again. I like the southern pace, I wish I could get away with that up here!

T: I did find out not too long ago about the Bojangles just one mere county away from where I am now. That county line is the only thing keeping me from atherosclerosis.

Nutmeg: I agree, Texas is awesome. I've always thought I'd like to see more of Texas than I have. In fact, I can't think of anyone I know who hails from Texas that I don't like.

Meg: You and I have always agreed on our exile years. ;)

Barbara: I completely believe that partiality for a region (or time period) resides in the heart.

One More Equals Four: Rob and I have wanted to do a tour of Tennessee forEVAH. Seriously. We are excellent free-loaders; we may have to take you up on your offer.

Beth: North Carolina is truly excellent. I've always maintained that I would move back if I could convince my extended family to move with me and create some kind of commune.

Bluedaisy: It is a fact widely acknowledged that Wawa is the friendliest convenience store around. Even my kids prefer it.

MamaK: I've always loved your Christmas beach pictures. And my kids were also born into the depths of the brutal southern summer. Francie was Florida in July (she's the day before your babe!) and Fiver was North Carolina in August. I was like a shut-in.

Alexis: I feel you on the small town thing. Luckily, we had a ready-made band of buddies since we were military. Nobody ever came from the town in which we were stationed, so we could all commiserate.

Barb: I have to admit that the only reason I venture into Jersey is for family, but that's a good reason, right?

Nicole: You're right -- Texas has about every kind of topography you could want to see. That's what makes it so cool.

Mirabella Mom: Once, in South Carolina, I think, a total stranger offered to watch my kids while I stood in line at a crowded restaurant. I didn't think it was weird -- I almost took her up on it!

Prospero: So glad to "see" you again, and we've always enjoyed our trips to Baltimore. And we've driven through Maryland so many times that I feel like we are honorary citizens.

That took a little longer than I thought, probably because of all the sun I've absorbed over the past few days. Vitamin D is notorious for decreasing productivity. Or so I choose to believe.

Today was hot for the Northeast in April, but it always seems like we have those few teaser days in the late spring. I'm sure it will be rainy and in the low fifties by the end of the week, just as nature intends for this time of year.

Rob and I took the kids wading in an icy cool creek this afternoon, and their eyes were opened to the majesty of nature. The slippery rocks, the rushing current, the full-throated croaking of a frog on the muddy banks.

Oh, and the dead opossum on a rocky island.

Shortly after that, I decided to steer them to the shore where they could explore the majesty of some Baked Lays potato chips in the late afternoon sun.

In other words, we had a full day. Hope your weekend was just as full of discovery.


  1. I'll get the guest room ready for ya! And the glorious thing are already used to the chaos of four kids so our craziness ought not bother you too much!

  2. Yea for nature. I'm so glad y'all got some nice weather. Ours is crazy around here too, with lots of fluctuations, although nothing too extreme. Now we have a week of rain ahead of us which means I could be insane by Wednesday or so.

  3. That sounds like a lovely afternoon. The weather here is flirting with 90-degrees on a regular basis these days. We were spoiled by a long spring, so everyone is constantly complaining about how hot it is. :) I took Bubba to a park the other day to burn off some energy and after twenty minutes or so we were both drenched with sweat. Such is life in the south!

  4. Aren't weekends full of discovery wondrous?!?! Looks like we're changing seasons officially now...90 degrees today...and the kids wore jackets on Friday. Such is Virginia!


  5. the dead possum is priceless... sounds like a fun day anyway!!


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