Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Long Last Days

I'm feeling just a little . . . buried . . . these days.

It's Holy Week, I have a million things to do (like three fourths of that Lenten spring cleaning list), and I have reached a point where things are just avalanching down on me.

I'm sure you know what I mean, my friends. I'm at the point where I am only remembering to do things at the very last minute. Like finding the field trip permission slip that was due today BENEATH three other forms that were due either today or yesterday.

And then, as I collapse into bed at night, I think belatedly of the blog and how I haven't posted anything. And then I think of Google reader and how I have only read a handful of your recent posts and how I've commented on even less. And the posts that I've managed to read are full of homes that have been cleaned and lovingly prepared for Easter.

And then I feel guilty.

You know I say this with all the love in my heart, but feeling guilty over blogs is TOTALLY INSANE. Especially when it's supposed to be a fun hobby.

I have been feeling like I am falling out of love with blogging lately. In fact, the other day I had this thought: If somehow my blog imploded and disappeared from the internet, I'd be okay with that. That kind of thinking is a sure sign of burnout and disordered priorities.

So I am stepping back for Holy Week, in an effort to get my house, both physical and spiritual, in order. I have a few things that I've set to auto-post, and I might do a little hopping around the internet if I can catch some spare minutes. Other than that, I've got to be silent for a few days.

Meanwhile, I hope that you have stored up some awesome thoughts for me, because we are T minus 5 days and counting until the comments are open.

Oh who am I kidding? You can just type your name in the combox and I'll be ecstatic.