Monday, March 02, 2009

This Is What Happens On A Snow Day

The weather is weird (snow! wait, no snow! oh yes, we're back on with the snow! and some sleet! and now we're just back to gusting wind and snow!), the kids are home and watching too much PBS, thus ensuring that they will become good citizens of the State (Rob hates when I get all "I'm taking myself off the grid!" on him), and I am fooling around on the computer.

That may have been THE longest sentence on this blog ever, and that's saying something, my friends.

I've seen this around the web lately, and I think I may have done a variation once before, but I'm not digging around my archives to find it. Can you tell I'm a bit truculent this morning?

Anyway, this meme is simple: Just google your own name + random phrase and post the results. Some are funny, some are dirty, some don't make sense -- you never know what you're going to get (isn't that from Forrest Gump?)

Here we go, complete with color commentary:

Aimee looks like . . .

Aimee looks like a gorgeous doll. Oh thank you! Unless you are talking about one of those really old porcelain head dolls that stare at you no matter where you go. They creep me out.

Aimee looks like a wild child. Hah! Hahahahahaha! you didn't know Aimee in high school, did you, Google? Aimee looks like a total dork would be more fitting.

Aimee looks like a ray of sunshine in her pretty yellow dress. Well, thank you again, except I don't own anything yellow because yellow makes me look like I'm about to lose my lunch. Yellow is NOT MY COLOR.

Aimee likes . . .

Aimee likes Flickr. I do! Except I never use my account, and I hardly ever remember to look at my friends' Flickr photos. But neglect doesn't mean I don't like it, right?

Aimee likes to dress up. I love dressing up. In fact, I even put on my "good jeans" today.

Aimee likes hot dogs. Straight off the grill with mustard and onions.

Aimee says . . .

Aimee says often you'll leave at 8 or 9 o'clock, then you're back at 4 am after a hard night's work in the swamp. And then Aimee laughs because she wouldn't be caught dead in a swamp.

Aimee says astronomy is a great way to study space without actually going there. Aimee sounds like a slacker.

Aimee says I like working for the good guys. Well, I like working for THE Good Guy.

Aimee wants . . .

Aimee wants a burger. Yes, especially on a Friday.

Aimee wants you to go, too. She does. She really does. And she wants you to drive.

Aimee does . . .

Aimee does the math. ALERT THE MEDIA! This is big, people.

Aimee does really good cuts. Of hair?!? Oh please tell me it's hair.

Aimee does Thriller. Aimee would LOVE to do Thriller, but she has to learn it first.

Aimee hates . . .

Aimee hates flash. Seems harsh, but she likes natural lighting.

Aimee hates Elmo. Shhhh. Don't tell Sally.

Aimee hates stupidity. It's like Google is reading my mind.

Aimee can . . .

Aimee can do The Worm. Not true. Aimee also cannot do The Electric Slide, The Cha-Cha Slide, The Cotton-Eyed Joe, or the Macarena.

Aimee can help you with weight loss and lifestyle change. Uhhhhh . . . . those who cannot do, teach? Isn't that how the saying goes?

Aimee goes . . .

Aimee goes solo. If by solo you mean NEVER EVER alone, then yes, I go solo.

Aimee goes to Japan or China or Thailand. I can never narrow it down to just one Asian country. I have to see them all!

Aimee goes to the doctor. Rarely. Mostly because the doctor comes to me!

Aimee is . . .

Aimee is the mother of Nicholas. False! I am NOT the mother of Nicholas. I am the mother of a few, but not a one is Nicholas.

Aimee is attempting drawing. Keyword: ATTEMPTING

Aimee loves . . .

Aimee loves you. You know it.

Aimee loves Facebook. I never said that. I just enjoy it immoderately.

Aimee loves surfing. Or not.

Have at it, if you dare . . .