Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When Are We?

This Presidents' Day holiday had me thinking that today was Monday all day. I kept forgetting we were actually on Tuesday, and I almost forgot to take Fiver to therapy.

It's a good thing I remembered to pick him up at the right time at all.

Because of the delayed start to the week, I've also spent the day with a hodge-podge of muddled thoughts running through my mind. Or maybe that has nothing at all to do with the delayed start to the week. Maybe that's just homeostasis for my brain.

Our St. Valentine's weekend was fun, once Rob made it home from the hospital after a long delivery. He brought home Clash of the Titans, a classic if ever there was one, and once the kids were in bed we ate homemade bacon cheeseburgers and chocolate cake in front of Perseus, Medusa, et al.

And we made many adolescent jokes involving the phrase "Release the Kraken!" I can't think of anything that says eternal love more perfectly than that.

On a completely unrelated note, thanks to a Little Bear video, Sally has taken to calling me "Mother" lately. Except it comes out like "Mudder" in Sally-speak. She's all "Good morning, Mudder," and "Yes please, Mudder."

And to be honest it kind of bugs me. At first it was cute, but now it just makes me feel old and matronly. Even if I am old and matronly, I don't need to be reminded of the fact.

So at lunch, I casually tried to steer her back towards calling me "Mommy." As she was Mudder-ing away, I asked her, "Who am I?" and she said "Mommy." "That's right," I told her, "you call me Mommy."

"Yes, Mudder," she replied.


So now this mother is going to put herself to bed, and hopefully I'll be able to keep my days straight tomorrow.


  1. Does that make Rob Fadder? :-)

  2. Oh how cute and I love those little bear books.

  3. Maybe you can teach her to sing "hello mudder, hello fadder" haha

  4. Well, Mudder, sleep well tonight and I hope you get straightened out for the rest of the week! I myself, have been in an eternal state of confusion for about a year now!

  5. I'm liking the Mudder myself. But then again, it's you being called it and not me.

  6. At least she's polite. Give her 10 years and it'll be "Mo---mmmmmmmmmmm!" with the big eye rolls & stuff. I'll take "Mudder" any day of the week.

  7. Sally's "friend, DeeDee"10:07 AM

    I love her so much that I don't care what comes out of her mouth. It all sounds beautiful to me...

  8. Bella has long ago switched to "Mom", and it's a very clipped, short "Mom". It still sounds strange to me - when she says it I want to look around and say, "Who?". But I'm still mommy when she's sad or depressed or something feels bad. Hope you got some rest!

  9. I have Little Bear fans here, too. I'm still Mama, though.

    My Dominic (age 2) calls all the priests at the Fathers of Mercy, "faddah"..."Hi, Faddah!" One of them said to him, "You must have some Brooklyn in your blood..."


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