Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Post for the "Lost" and a Meme!

If you don't watch Lost, this post will mean very little to you. Just like almost everything else I post here, I imagine. Save yourself some time and scroll down to the meme at the end.

Rob and I have been watching "Lost" for a long time - it sort of became our thing after a few episodes in Season One. Rob serves as my trusty "Lost" guide since he has an uncanny ability to recall all kinds of details all the way back to the first season.

I can't even remember what happened before the last commercial break, so I rely heavily on his memory.

I know other people do "Lost" recaps much better than I. Heck, I don't even have a DVR to go back and obsessively comb through every little detail. I watch it once and let the chips fall where they may because (shhhhh . . . .) it's just a television show.

All that being said, I do enjoy watching "Lost." I think the layered story is engrossing, but trying to unravel the mysteries of time travel might be a little over my head. I'm okay with that since it seems to boggle real scientists as well.

Anyway, last night's episode was good in the sense that you saw how the survivors get back to the magical Island. It isn't as simple as hopping a flight, my friends. You need to have the right coordinates and windows in time and blahblahblah and oh my aching head.

We found out that the Island is always moving through time, so you have to guesstimate where it will be when you want to get there. And then you have to hope. your. plane. crashes. on the Island at the specific time it is where you think it will be. Oy.

And Faraday's mom is the creepiest British lady you have ever seen, right? I know you're with me on this one. I mean she gives me some serious heebie-jeebies -- she's got shark eyes, people!

Her super secret science lair is called The Lamp-Post by the Dharma Initiative, reminiscent of the lamp-post in the land of Narnia. When Lucy stumbles through the wardrobe into Narnia, the first thing she sees is the lamp-post lighting her way. Faraday's Creepy Mom (FCM) says that The Lamp-Post is how they found the Island in the first place. Interesting.

Rob also thinks it's interesting that FCM's science lair is in the basement of a church. He thinks that it underscores the conflict between faith and science that has been a theme throughout the show. And FCM told Jack that he has to make a leap of faith, about which Jack and Locke were always arguing.

(And in a completely shocking turn of events, FCM rats Ben out as being dishonest. Insert sarcasm here.)

Jack got a private audience with FCM, which nearly killed Ben with curiosity; we found out that Locke killed himself (?!?!?!), and he left a note for Jack that he doesn't want to read.

FCM says that the survivors don't just have to crash AGAIN on the Island, they have to recreate, as much as possible, their circumstances the first time they crashed. Meaning:
Jack has to be on the plane with a dead guy.

Aha. Enter Locke.

Meanwhile, Kate, the Island tramp, comes back to Jack, tells him never to ask her about little Aaron, and then gets down with him before giving him the cold shoulder the next morning.

I know a lot of people like Kate, but she gets on my nerves with the whole "I love Jack, no wait, I love Sawyer" angst she's got going on. What are you going to do when you all meet back up at Camp When-the-Heck-Are-We? And what in the Sam Hill did you do with Aaron?

Rob's theory about Kate getting it on with Jack (again)?: Since they have to replicate the circumstances of their first trip to the Island as closely as possible, Kate needs to be pregnant to take Claire's place. Or maybe she's just promiscuous. Either way.

At the airport, Jack is surprised to see that everyone who needs to go back to the Island is there. Even the people who said they were never going back (I'm looking at you Sayid and Hurley). It's interesting to note how the circumstances of their first flight have been replicated, just with the people switched around.

Sayid's the one in handcuffs with the air marshal now, instead of Kate. Hurley, the big love, used his bad-mojo lottery money and bought out as many extra seats as possible so that no one else would crash with them on the Island. Ben is just as evil as ever, Frank Lapidus (!) is the pilot, and Jack finally reads that letter from Locke that keeps coming back to him like a boomerang.

It says, "I wish you had believed me." Allrightythen.

Someone pass me the Tylenol because my head is killing me. And I can't wait to find out what happens next week!

And now for something completely different . . . a meme!

Alexis from Love Life tagged me for the Photo Meme. I have to post the fourth picture in the fourth folder on my computer.

So what did I find? This picture of Fiver holding a newly minted Sally. She was about two weeks old in this picture.

I love the way Fiver's wild hair is sticking out of the side of his head, and how his face looks like it might split open from happiness.

I love that Sally looks like she is ready to escape and go her own way. Some traits are there from birth, my friends.

It kills me that they both look so small, and this was only two and half years ago. Time is fleeting.

This is an easy meme, so if you want to participate consider yourself tagged by moi.


  1. Anonymous11:28 AM

    I love that you and Rob analyze all the themes of LOST- I told you I only watch it as a "translator" for Tom although I will admit it has held my interest. Last night was, I think, the first time Tom caught on to the subthemes on his own and his reaction, "Shouldn't you be more excited about the intrigue and what not of the show- isn't that what you went to college for?" (Yup, that's it Masters in English to analyze prime time drama). He didn't mean it to sound like that of course, but it cracked me up none the less. BTW, love the picture.
    Mirabella MOM
    PS- Agree with you on Kate and last week's commentary on Sawyer.
    (PPS- I think Kate gave Aaron to Claire's mom- or was it just a coincidence that she was in town right before they left?)

  2. Such a cute picture! I don't watch Lost. I know--what is wrong with me? We were not able to get in on it at the beginning and now feel like we are too far behind to bother catching up. We're okay with that.

  3. I love the bed head and the big ear to ear smile.


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