Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And Now A Contest For the Rest of You


I hate to break it to you, folksies, but my sister just stole the rug out from under my St. Valentine contest. She got fourteen out of twenty correct, so there's no way anyone else can beat her score.

It was posted for all of forty seven minutes, so that should tell you how busy she was at WORK today. (For those of you who have no idea what is going on, please scroll down.)

And the kicker is that she doesn't even eat chocolate on her new change to clean living. What the what?!

Never fear, my friends, I have called her, congratulated her, and told her that I will be buying her a lovely box of chocolates. And I will force feed her, if it comes down to brass tacks.

Except for those weird whipped maple cream ones - nobody has to eat those.

Here's the deal (since I was planning on giving my sister a Valentine's gift anyway), I will put new songs lyrics up tonight and we'll give it another go. Juju and the freakishly large lyric bank in her brain are banned from guessing this time, so you all have a fighting chance.

All the same rules apply, and if anyone wants to take a guess at the lyrics my sister didn't know, I'll use them as extra credit/tie breakers.

Good luck! Again.


  1. The whipped maple cream ones sound pretty good to me. And how can one of your siblings possibly not eat chocolate? You're a very good sister to be willing to pin her down and force those chocolates down her throat. Just tell her to think of the benefits of all those antioxidants in the cocoa powder.

  2. mmmm i like those weird whipped maple cream ones... and one of their stores was only 5 min from home... did you know that if you ask to buy only one candy they usually just give it to you :D


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